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How to Generate Leads on Twitter (Infographic)

get leads on TwitterTwitter provides the opportunity to actively engage potential customers and lay the foundations for lasting, long-term relationships. It also allows you to showcase your knowledge and expertise, educate your target audience and set yourself apart from the competition.

Here are top tips for generating leads on Twitter

Aim to build an engaged and targeted following.

Building a targeted network organically provides social proof and lends credibility to your network. Getting more followers extend your reach and influence and lead to more sales, as more followers provide the opportunity to generate more leads and more conversions. However, a Twitter profile with thousands of untargeted followers is not a valuable business tool. Quality trumps quantity.

Give away free content.

Twitter allows you to share all kinds of content with your target audience. Giving away free content is a proven and effective strategy that can be used to engage your target audience and generate qualified leads. Your giveaway or offer must be focused on providing a meaningful solution to a specific, well-known problem or challenge in your industry or niche so that you can attract qualified leads.

Create a landing page.

Create a specialized and focused landing page on your website that is specifically designed to receive inbound traffic from your lead generation efforts on Twitter and allows people to download your freebie in exchange for their contact details.

Your Twitter landing page should put your best foot forward.

Your Twitter landing page should interest visitors enough to encourage them to want to explore the rest of your site. Make it an extension of your profile on Twitter so that it continues the conversation that you have started with the prospect on Twitter.

Create specially crafted lead gen tweets.

If you are looking to generate leads or drive targeted traffic to your site, your lead gen tweets need to be short and specific with a clear and unambiguous CTA, a really catchy message and a single link. This will focus people’s attention on the one thing you want them to do which is to click your link.

Create an effective call-to-action.

Create a sharp call-to-action that is clear, compelling and unambiguous, and relevant to your target audience. For example, if you are offering a store discount in exchange for an email, make your CTA reflect this. Use phrases that are likely to draw in your prospects, such as “25% off this month, click here”, or “Special discounts for our Twitter followers”.

Focus on building relationships.

After a visitor to your site opts in to receive the asset, nurture the lead by building a relationship by email and on Twitter by sharing relevant and meaningful content and participating in industry-related discussions.

Find leads through Twitter business hours

Network with businesses on Twitter business hours by sending out tweets using Twitter networking hashtags. Promote your services and meet like-minded entrepreneurs.

Be proactive about finding potential clients on Twitter

Instead of trying to attract them to come to you by using the Twitter, be proactive by using the search and advanced search engine to identify users having conversations or tweeting about your industry, field or business.

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