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Setting Up Your Facebook Page

Your Facebook page is going to be the focal point of your Facebook marketing campaign. It is as important as your website or blog as a major source of targeted traffic for your website. Your Facebook page is really important because it will be the first impression many of your prospective customers receive about your business.

This is where you’re going to be welcoming your customers and prospects, introduce your brand and your business to your potential customers and interact with them on a regular basis. Your page is also what many people are going to be checking in order to verify that you’re indeed a genuine and active business. Essentially, the page needs to incorporate the strongest elements of your brand.

In the following article, Rebekah Radice explains how to effectively setup and optimize a Facebook page for your business:

How to Set Up and Optimize a Facebook Page

Facebook can be an extremely effective marketing tool; connecting businesses with online consumers in search of their very product or service. Brands, whether large or small, with a consistent Facebook marketing strategy have the ability to build a viable community in an entertaining environment.

However, simply showing up is not enough. As the social sphere evolves, so do the needs of the consumer. Meeting those needs by providing valuable content in an easy to digest format allows potential clients to get to know your brand on a far more intimate level.

So why then do so many businesses fail at Facebook marketing before they even begin? A lack of planning, goal setting and visibility.

Whether you are considering Facebook marketing or are simply frustrated with your current lack of results, spend time optimizing and properly setting up your page.

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Making mistakes with your Facebook page can put your page at a significant disadvantage and lead to missed opportunities. Such errors can prove costly and will affect the ROI you are able to generate from the Facebook platform.

In the following article, Rebekah Radice talks about 10 common mistakes that many businesses make on their facebook page:

Top 10 Fatal Facebook Mistakes That Might Be Killing Your Page

1. Not Creating Differentiation

Are you clearly articulating what sets your business apart from the competition? If not, you’re walking a dangerous line.

A tactic called “me-too marketing” is often employed as businesses look to the competition for what’s working on Facebook — and then mimic it on their own page.

Unfortunately, there are significant drawbacks to this type of marketing.

Standing out in a crowded online space is tough enough with the element of differentiation. If your marketing is cookie cutter at best, you’re rendering your chances of standing out almost impossible.

I won’t deny the fact that me-too marketing can work in certain situations, but it won’t give you the competitive advantage. Stop imitating what your competitors are doing & begin setting the tone on your own!

I use my brand colors, font & overall look & feel across all my social channels — including Facebook.

It streamlines my branding — creating a consistent consumer experience.

There’s no cookie cutter marketing here!

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In this following video from Koozai TV, here are mistakes you should avoid making on your page.

So, there you have it. You’re now equipped with the knowledge to avoid making potentially costly mistakes that can potentially affect the ROI you generate from your Facebook marketing campaign.

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