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Advantages of Building a Large Network for Your Facebook Page

In order to develop an effective Facebook marketing strategy, you need to consider the expansion of your fan base as a top priority. A large Facebook fan base can provide a number of significant advantages because the web has become an infinitely more socially-driven platform.

Here are some of the top advantages that you can receive from building a large Facebook fan base.

Advertising optimization

When it comes to ranking advertising across the Facebook network, the size of your fan base can make a big impact. For every piece of advertising that you create Facebook collects analytics that can help you to see just what type of advertising is working the best for your business.

Furthermore a larger fan base allows you to save money on the cost of your Facebook advertising. This is because when you choose to advertise exclusively to your fans and followers rather than just anyone, Facebook charges a lot less for your ads. In fact, you could save as much as 40 to 50 cents per click.


One of the biggest benefits of having a large targeted network is in the traffic you will be able to generate for your website. According to research by HubSpot, the more targeted fans you have, the more traffic you will be able to drive to your website. In order to drive traffic to your site, you need at least 1,000 genuine fans.

Free advertising via Status Updates

With a large fan base, you can launch targeted updates directly to fans: Facebook allows business pages to send out daily status updates to fans via the News Feed. There are absolutely no limits to how often you can interact and advertise your business to your fans. Although you will need to be strategic with the way you communicate with your fans, this gives you a large organic reach and can make sure that your message is heard across your social media target market.

Social Proof

It is a well proven fact that a Facebook Page with a large fan base commands more authority than a Page with just a few fans. Consequently, the more fans you have, the easier it will be to get other potential fans to like your Page. This concept is known as social proof. Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others reflect the correct behavior for a given situation.

On Facebook, this type of behavior is driven by the assumption that other people possess more knowledge about the quality of a particular Page. In essence, there is a lot more implied value to a Page with 1000 likes than to a Page with just 10 likes because they naturally think that others don’t think much of the Page. So, if people visit your Facebook page and you have very few fans, they are less likely to click the Like button versus if you had 1,000 fans. Consequently, social proof plays a big part in growing your fan base.

Content Virality

When your followers interact with your content, their actions get fed into the News Feed of all of their connections on Facebook. This is excellent free advertising for your brand, because it means that you are being seen in many more News Feeds. Studies indicate that most people on Facebook spend their time in their News Feed rather than visiting actual Facebook Pages. Consequently, the more News Feeds you can get into, the greater the brand awareness for your business.

You can find similarities in your target market

A large Facebook fan group can help you identify a need for new products, similarities between your target market as well as help you target future advertising. Facebook collects a large array of data about each one of your Facebook fans and it’s easy to compare at all with the tools that they give to businesses online. Creating a larger sample base can help you develop more targeted products and advertising.

Genuine fans become leads for your business

When you have a large fan base of genuine, targeted fans, it is easier to convert those fans into leads and ultimately into customers. This is because these are people that are already interested in your industry as well as your business. Furthermore, it will be much easier to build genuine relationships with those fans and stay top of mind with them.

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