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How to Engage Your Target Audience on Twitter

As a brand, you should always be on the lookout for every opportunity to interact with and engage your target audience. Engagement is the key to building relationships and accomplishing your Twitter goals and objectives. If you have thousands of followers but they aren’t responding to you or engaging with you, then it doesn’t do you much good, especially when it comes to trying to market your business, product or service on the platform.

On Twitter, when your followers or prospective customers interact with you in some way, it’s like receiving a vote of confidence for your brand; and that positive interaction can spread to their network of friends and followers. The more interactions you get, the more your brand or product is likely to be seen by their friends. And, the more likely you are to convert their friends into your prospects. However, this is based on people choosing to engage with you.

However, it is also important to realize that being your authentic true self on Twitter or any social network for that matter, is not always clear-cut. For example, if you have very strong philosophical, religious or political views, it will be best to rein this in so that those personal beliefs do not get in the way of interacting with a large and diverse network of people who may not share your beliefs.

In the following article, Shayla Price shares 6 ways to effectively increase engagement with your target audience.

6 Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement

Do you want to encourage more interaction with your Twitter followers?

Looking for ways to engage your Twitter community?

In this article you’ll discover six ways to increase engagement on Twitter.
#1: Offer Personalized Encouragement

The best engagement is sometimes a simple response. Customers are thrilled when you devote time to interact with them. It’s a sign of respect and appreciation.
ways to increase twitter engagement

Discover six ways to increase your Twitter engagement.

Nike encourages customers to #JustDoIt. To align with the brand’s value of inspiration, Nike tweets words of encouragement to their followers. So if you’re anxious about your next run, the company could be your #1 fan.

Give your fans words of encouragement.

To do something similar with your brand, thoroughly read the timelines of 20 to 40 of your followers. Identify tweets that announce major milestones (such as a new baby, running a marathon, getting married or a first car purchase).

Then craft a short message (aim for three to six words) of encouragement. You can make the message more personal if you don’t use any hashtags or add it to your timeline feed. Make sure you stay away from disingenuous comments. If your business isn’t known for encouragement, your customers may be confused by the message.

People desire human connections, and a great way to do that is to motivate people to reach their potential.

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Engagement means more than just sending out tweets and retweeting other peoples’ tweets, even if you are posting useful and meaningful content. This is very important to keep in mind. You engage with your audience when you have interactions with them.

This means participating in ongoing conversations and discussions, paying attention to what is being said, expressing yourself, giving your own point of view, and responding to other peoples’ points of view.

In the following article, Disha Dinesh explains how you can use Twitter Video to effectively engage your target audience:

How to Use Twitter Video to Engage Your Target Audience: 9 Fresh Ideas for Social Media Marketers

Ever since Twitter launched video, the social media platform’s feed has been buzzing with videos uploaded by brands and individuals alike. In fact, AdWeek recently looked into Twitter’s video performance and hit upon some interesting facts. One statistic among them is especially mind-blowing: 82% of Twitter’s 800 million monthly active visitors engage with the brands on Twitter. That is a massive segment of social media users that brands can reach with the powerful medium that is video.

Note: Combine your video tweets with curated content sourced from DrumUp, the social media management tool for marketers who want to save time. Check out a review of our tool here.

Twitter’s native video upload and live video services are not only excellent for engaging fans, but also extremely easy to use. Anyone with a mobile device or subscription to a third-party video creation tool can put together impressive videos in minutes.

That said, it’s not easy to come up with video marketing strategy and ideas, especially for a social media platform like Twitter that can bury your tweet in seconds. That’s why I’ve put together a list of 9 excellent Twitter videos created by brands that you can use for inspiration.

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In the following article, you’ll get valuable tips on how to increase engagement on Twitter and gain followers:


Take the time to be interactive and have conversations with other Twitter users. The friendlier and more engaging you are, the more successful you will be on the platform. Your aim is to develop meaningful, long-term relationships, and you can only do that by showing your personality and actively engaging with your audience.

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