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How to Set Meaningful Twitter Goals & Objectives

Generally speaking, your goals are the broad, primary outcome you are looking to achieve on Twitter. Your objectives are the specific, measurable steps you take to achieve your Twitter goals within a defined timeframe. It is important to carefully think through your reasons for being on Twitter and the goals and objectives you want to accomplish on the platform. Ultimately, your main objective should be to use Twitter as a platform to connect with your customers and prospects and grow your business.

Many businesses make the mistake of linking the number of followers they have to the success of their social media marketing efforts. However, the number of followers you have rarely correlates directly to any meaningful results, unless you have goals that those followers can help you achieve.

A successful Twitter marketing campaign goes far beyond counting numbers. It involves generating results based on clearly defined goals. It is far more meaningful and productive to build a quality network of targeted and engaged users than to simply focus on numbers alone. Twitter is not a platform to amass thousands of random followers overnight.

In the following article, Robert Clarke expands on 5 tips for setting Twitter goals:

5 Tips for Setting Twitter Goals

Before jumping on the Twitter bandwagon with your business, there are some important things to consider to help achieve social media success. Follow these quick tips to ensure you are setting goals and optimizing results and ROI.
Determine what you want to accomplish

What are the objectives behind creating your Twitter account? If your answer is, “because everyone else is on Twitter,” you should probably revaluate. Do you want to use Twitter to drive traffic to your website or blog? Find and target prospects? Use it as a place your customers can come to get support or ask questions? Determine what the purpose is for you developing your Twitter profile first, this will help drive the creation of your Twitter goals.

Develop S.M.A.R.T. goals

Making sure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely is key to setting out goals for any social media platform.

Being specific about what you want to accomplish can literally mean diving as deep as how many tweets you’d like to create within a daily or weekly basis, how many followers you want, and how much engagement you’re aiming for – the more specific the better.

Make sure your goals are measurable. Followers, mentions, favourites, retweets, visits, and even leads and sales from Twitter are all measurable goals.

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There’s a lot you can accomplish on Twitter, and you can choose to have several goals. However, these goals must be compatible in order to successfully implement them on the same account.

For example, if you want to use Twitter to listen for brand mentions and sales opportunities, a different marketing strategy is used than if you want to use Twitter as a recruitment tool or to resolve customer service issues. If you have different goals like these, it’s best to simply setup more than one Twitter account.

In the following article, Ted Rubin gives examples of 20 important goals that small businesses have the ability to accomplish on Twitter:

20 Important Twitter Goals and Objectives for Business

I just finished a great Twitter panel at the Amazing Hispanicize Conference and promised to post this follow-up before attending the evening cocktail festivities. So excited to be here with such engaged and interested attendees.

Many are asking what ROI they can get from Twitter. I believe when reviewing the following goals and objectives you will get a better understanding of the potential value. The basis of this list was posted by my friend and business associate Cheryl Burgess. I have expanded and edited with my input.

1. First and foremost is to grow an engaged and relevant following

2. Almost as important as #1 is… if you haven’t started already, start NOW!

3. Generating brand awareness and business leads

4. Servicing customers and lowering customer service inquires via traditional channels

5. Expanding reach and creating buzz

6. Sharing thought-leadership & participating in industry conversation

7. Gaining competitive intelligence

8. Monitoring your brand’s reputation in real time

9. Building relationships with community

10. Distributing rich SEO content

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In the following video interview, social media expert Erik Bratt talks about how Twitter can help accomplish business objectives. He provides examples of the different business uses for Twitter and for each use offers examples of companies that are using Twitter effectively:

The goals you set out to achieve will help define your Twitter marketing strategy. Your strategy is the approach you take to achieve your Twitter goal. But you can’t define a cohesive marketing strategy without setting a meaningful goal to begin with.

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