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Understanding Engagement on Facebook

Engagement with your fans is the single most important activity required for success of your Facebook marketing campaign. If you do not have a strategy in place for how you will engage your followers, your campaign will likely end in failure.

It is useful to always bear in mind the end-goal of your Facebook marketing campaign. Having a large, targeted network of fans who are interested in your business and industry is a powerful asset and great for social proof. However, your end-goal is not just to grow a large fan base. Your network is only a means to an end.

Your actual end-goal is to engage with your fans and convert them into leads, and ultimately customers. There’s no point in building a large network with thousands of targeted fans if you don’t have a plan in place for how you are going to engage or interact with them. If your fans are not engaged, then you will achieve very little on the platform, and all of the hard work and resources you’ve put into acquiring those fans will have been a waste of time.

What is Engagement?

Engagement on Facebook has nothing to do with how many fans or likes you have. Engagement with your fans is where:

  • Your fans believe they have a relationship with you beyond simply liking your Facebook Page;
  • Your fans trust you and believe in the value of what you do;

If your fans are not interacting with your Page in any of the aforementioned ways, it means you’re not getting any engagement with your fans.

Engagement is really all about having two-way conversations with your fans, building relationships, posting relevant content, asking questions, replying to comments, thanking fans for their feedback, etc. People are social by nature. “Social” is all about relationships. This means you need to engage your followers in conversations and build relationships with them. If you’re the only one doing all of the giving – broadcasting quality content to your fans without getting any interaction from them, you’re not really building a relationship, and you’re not going to get any meaningful action from them because the relationship is one-sided.

As you’re probably aware, one-sided relationships don’t work in real life, and it’s the same with social media. Although you may be building your credibility by sharing relevant and meaningful content that your fans or followers appreciate, your fans need to take action by engaging with you rather than simply consuming your content.

This is so that when you want them to take a bigger action such as actually buying your product or subscribing to your paid service, it doesn’t seem like such a big step for them. The more your followers interact with you, the more they’ll like and trust you and be willing to buy your product or subscribe to your service.

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