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Using Facebook Graph Search to Build Your Audience

Facebook Graph Search is a powerful and advanced Facebook tool that allows you to perform focused and more detailed searches for people, job titles, companies, places, interests, photos, groups, and more based on keywords that you use in your search.

It allows you do really dig into potential employers and uncover some really valuable and actionable insights that you can use to reach out to and engage with them. It lets you find out more information than ever by letting you find connections between people, places and things. For instance, you could search for friends with common interests or friends of friends in a particular city.

With graph search, you can also look for particular posts and filter each post by author, keywords, location and comments.

In the following article, Sharon Hurley Hall provides a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to use Facebook Graph Search:

If you’ve been paying attention to recent social media news, you’ve heard of Facebook Graph Search. This is Facebook’s internal search product, which aims to return personalized search results by using data generated from your friends and likes.

How does it work? Can it help you connect with fans and customers? I found 12 articles that are most likely to answer your questions and share them here in one spot.

So grab a cup of coffee and browse through these resources to learn how this new “pillar” of the Facebook ecosystem will transform your online activities.

Let’s start by getting the skinny from the horse’s mouth.

What is Graph Search?

1. Introducing Graph Search

Facebook’s own information page highlights the ability to find people who share your interests, explore the world via friends’ photos, and discover experiences you will enjoy via people you know. Results are unique and personalized because they’re based on your own interests and those of your friends.

Be sure to check out Mark Zuckerberg’s video, which is about half-way down the page. It’s a great introduction to this new feature.

Key takeaway: It’s more important than ever to get your privacy settings right. Check what you have enabled for location and tagging. The Activity Log is an important part of the control process.

Click here to read the entire guide.

In this video, Tim Mills provis a comprehensive visual guide on how to use Facebook Graph Search:

Graph search has opened additional targeting options for marketers offering search with social relevance and has really let them drill down further with search to find their ideal target audience. In fact, the combinations you can search on with graph search are endless.

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