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Advantages of Using Google+ For Business

Google+ offers a myriad of features that has made finding, sharing and engaging with content more effective and innovative. These include the +1 button, personal profiles, business pages, circles, communities, events and Hangouts. Google+ differs from Facebook in that you can follow anyone without that person having to accept a friend request.

With circles, Google+ offers a unique way to organise and share information with specific groups of people, so you can easily choose who you want to share your posts with. With the amount of benefits Google+ offers for marketing and promotion, most businesses cannot afford to ignore Google+.

Before you get started with Google+, you really need to understand the features and benefits that Google+ can offer for marketing your business. You’ll then be able to work out whether Google+ is for you, whether your audience is active on Google+ and how you can use Google+ to achieve your overall marketing goals.

In the following article, Jackson Lo oultines 8 reasons why every business should be on Google+:

8 Reasons Why Every Business Should Be On Google Plus

It’s incredible how much the web has evolved. More specifically, it’s incredible how many new products Google has introduced in the past year. When Google first announced their new platform, today known as Google+, I thought, “This could be a game changer in the social space.” But did I jump on it right away? No, not really. I was traveling in Vancouver for a company Face-to-Face event when Google+ was made available on a limited access basis. It was good times when all of us at Cardinal Path were able to take Google+ and Hangout on a test drive for the first time.

There’s been a lot of discussion since then around the potential of Google+. SEOs are taking advantage of what Google is doing with their platform like Authorship and AuthorRank. While Google+ is not a social network, we default to thinking it is because it’s another one of those sharing and communication tools with users who are always saying, “If you’re not on it, you’ll be missing out”.

Google+ is a ‘social layer’ that sits on top of many of Google’s products. You may have noticed the ‘+ Share’ button appearing in the top right of many Google properties and the many privately owned websites with the +1 button on their pages. Google wants you to use their platform because they believe there is some unique value in it that we, as users, can benefit from.

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In early 2015, Google announced some news about the separation of Google+ from its other products that led many marketers to believe that it was the beginning of the end of Google+. However, it wasn’t the end of the network, and Google is still investing heavily in the platform. In this article, Kirsti Hines discusses what has changed with Google+, and what the updates mean to social media marketers:

Google+ Changes: What Marketers Need to Know

Why Marketers Should Care About Google+

Before we dive into the specifics of the new Google+ updates, it’s important to address what these updates mean to social media marketers as a whole. Since news about the breakup of Google+ products began in early 2015, some marketers believed it was the beginning of the end of Google+. These thoughts were further supported when Google announced the separation of Google+ from it’s other products.

But now, we can see it’s not the end for Google+. “Google+’s new changes are a sure, and comforting sign Google+ is here to stay at least for the undetermined future,” predicted Jesse Stay, author of Google+ Marketing for Dummies. He added, “It shows Google is still putting money and resources into the website, and still sees it as a product worth spending money on.”

In terms of marketing, businesses that want to reach people who are passionate about something will find it easier to do so with the new changes to Google+.

Discover what marketers need to know about the changes to Google+.

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This infographic highlights some of the core reasons why using Google+ as a marketing tool for your business could be a valuable marketing move for any business:


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