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Generating Exposure with the Google+1 Button

Google introduced the +1 button to help people find the things they love and care about, and share them with their friends, family and contacts, and to help them create even more relevant results in Google search. The button is now appearing in all over the web, on blogs, news articles and Google+pages.

Google recognized the concept of social proof early on and introduced the +1 button, which is similar to the Facebook like button. With the +1 button, searchers have a means of identifying content that other users have rated as high quality.

To use the +1 button, you need to have a profile page on Google+. Clicking the button means that you are giving your personal recommendation of that piece of content, and based on that recommendation, other people may decide whether or not they are going to purchase the recommended product.

In the following article, Cyrus Shepard discusses the impact of Google’s +1 button on SEO. And even though the article may have been written several years ago, the fundamental concepts hold true today:

Amazing Correlation Between Google +1s and Higher Search Rankings

Every two years, Moz runs a scientific correlation study to discover the qualities of web pages that have a strong association with ranking highly in Google. This year, for the first time, Dr. Matt Peters and the Moz Data Science Team measured the correlation between Google +1s and higher rankings.

The results were surprising.

After Page Authority, a URL’s number of Google +1s is more highly correlated with search rankings than any other factor. In fact, the correlation of Google +1s beat out other well known metrics including linking root domains, Facebook shares, and even keyword usage.

Moz isn’t the only one to discover this relationship. Searchmetrics, using a slightly different methodology, found Google +1s to be the highest-correlated factor they studied, and other studies have found similar results.

Here’s the million-dollar question: Can Google+ activity actually help your pages rank higher?

Beyond correlation: Why it matters this time

Back in 2011, folks may remember the controversy that erupted when Moz found a similar correlation between higher rankings and Facebook activity. At the time, Google claimed they didn’t use Facebook shares for ranking websites. Dr. Peters concluded that the relationship between Facebook activity and higher rankings was likely not directly related, but probably caused by overlapping factors such as links and high-quality content.

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Certain posts do better on Google+ than others. In the following article, Dustin W. Stout highlights seven components that can help you craft the perfect Google+ post:

The Anatomy of a Perfect Google+ Post

There is a reason that certain people get more engagement, more followers, and are more successful on Google+ than others. A lot of it has to do with they way they craft their posts.

In this post I’ll go over the anatomy of a perfectly crafted Google+ post. Seven components that, if executed properly can make your post look like they were written by a pro.

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Why Should You Care?

Let’s face it– the internet is plenty full of garbage. There’s more than enough bad content littering the digital space than we could possibly consume in a lifetime. If you want to make your ideas and creativity stand out you must take the time to do things with excellence.

On Google+, the audience there is highly engaged and they have a low tolerance for spam. So don’t expect to phone it in or put your Google+ activity on autopilot and get a good response. But when you take the time to put a little craftsmanship into your posts, it really pays off.

So here’s a few tips to make sure your posts stand out and get the proper attention they deserve.

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When you +1 something on the web, you will be given the option to share this with any of your circles on Google+, and then it will be collected in your +1 tab on or profile.

In the following video, Ilka Flood explains how to add the +1 button to your website:

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