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How to Use Google Circles to Effectively Market Your Business

Circles are a fundamental component of Google+ and can be used to both organize what you see in your stream and to target your posts to different groups of people whether they are friends, acquaintances, business contacts, customers, prospects, etc. Google+ recognizes that different groups of people would not necessarily be interested in seeing the same content, so when you post, you may only want particular people to see specific content.

Right from the start when you add anyone to your network, you have to add them to a circle, and you can add anyone to anyone from your target audience to any circle whether it is the default circles or any special circles that you create from scratch.

Circles are a powerful advantage that Google+ has over other social networks and you can use them to design a powerful content marketing strategy on Google+.

In the following article, Kristi Hines explains how to get more out of Google+ circles and enhance your Google+ experience:

How to Get More Out of Google+ With Circles

Are you building a network on Google+?

Do you want to keep your connections organized?

Sorting people and pages into circles allows you to read the news you want from your stream and connect with specific audiences.

In this article I’ll share how to use circles to improve your Google+ network.
get more out of google+ with circles

#1: Fill Your Google+ Circles

Google+ profiles and pages use circles to organize the contacts they follow. Think of circles the same way you would Facebook interest lists or Twitter lists, but with more functionality. Both profiles and pages can add other profiles and pages to their circles to follow their public updates.

Profiles come with four default circles: Family, Friends, Acquaintances and Following. Pages come with four default circles: Following, Customers, VIPs and Team Members. Use these circles or delete them and create your own custom circles.

There are a few ways to add people to circles. Hover over the Add to Circles button on Google+ profiles or click the Follow button on Google+ pages to add someone to a circle. Add profiles and pages to multiple circles, based on how you plan to use them.

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In the previous article, you learned how to use circles to improve your overall Google+ experience. In the following article, Daniel Banks explains how you can leverage Google circles to add another dimension to your Google+ marketing strategy:

Using Google+ Circles and Pages for Effective Marketing

Google+ pages and circles are two of the best ways to engage with your existing customers and to expand your marketing reach. When used correctly, both these tools can add another dimension to your overall Google+ marketing strategy.

When I first joined G+ I thought of the ‘circles’ idea as simply a clumsy way of categorizing your G+ friends – almost like an over-complicated Facebook friends list. Thankfully I was wrong.

Circles offer a very shrewd way of organizing your Google+ contacts and, as a result, targeting who sees your content. Let’s take a simple example of two circles, one which contains your current customers and one which contains potential customers.

The content you share to these two circles should be very different. For instance, if a regular customer came into your shop to buy groceries, you wouldn’t start telling them that you sell groceries – they already know that! Use circles to pick and choose who you share updates with and adapt your content accordingly.

If you’ve read my previous two articles on Google+ marketing (see Part 1 and Part 2) then you’ll know that who engages with your content is just as important as how many interactions you get. If an ‘influential’ user interacts with your content, then that update can have a far greater impact than if 10 ‘average’ users interact with that update.

With that in mind, it may be worthwhile creating a small but targeted ‘influencer’ circle.

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In the following video, Patrick Whitson explains how to create Google+ Plus circles, as well as, how to add contacts and then move those contacts from one circle to another:

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