Once you have created your personal profile and business page, you’re now ready to start building your audience. If you’re a personal brand, it is important to begin the branding process by building your audience on your personal profile before you start working on your business page. This will allow you to start build to build your reputation on your personal profile and then share updates from your business profile to your personal profile.

Having a large audience on social media in general will give you more social proof, will translates to more credibility especially if you’re selling something. If you’re selling a social media expert, prospective clients will want to see that you have a large audience before actually buying your products. You’ll have more connections, your products will look much better, and you’ll get more sales as your content spreads much faster.

In the following article, Neil Patel shares a few valuable tips on how to get 500 new followers within one week:

How to Get at Least 500 More Google+ Followers by Next Week

Google+ is still a very important part of the social media landscape. Even though Google Authorship has disappeared, we still have Google+. Growing your presence on this social media giant is as important as ever.
I want to tell you how you can grow your Google+ following. Unlike Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, there are no follow penalties or limits on how many people you can follow, or how many people can follow you. This is a recipe for major expansion.

Keep in mind that you don’t just want to grow your numbers. You want engaged followers. In this post, I’ll explain both how you can boost your numbers and increase your engagement.

Follow my instructions, and you’ll have an extra 500 followers or more by next week.

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The tips shared by Neil Patel will definitely add more value to your brand as your unpaid army of promoters becomes larger.

Now your appetite for audience building has been wet, are you ready to get even more followers on Google+?  Well, in the following article, Jayson Demers shares 50 free ways to increase your Google+ followers:

50 Free Ways To Increase Your Google+ Followers

Since Google’s decision to shut down their Authorship program last year, many businesses and experts are assuming that Google+ as a social platform is now irrelevant. In fact, I’ve written several articles giving my take on its decline:

Is Google+ Really Walking Dead?
Why Google+ Is Dying (and Nearly Dead)
What the Death of Google+ Means for SEO

While Google+ as we know it is dying, it’s going to live on in different ways. There are still going to be benefits to using it for SEO purposes, such as the perpetuation of Author Rank (not to be confused with Google Authorship, which is dead) and Google My Business (formerly known as Google+ Local), which is still strongly supported by Google for local SEO purposes. As I wrote in one piece, “While Google+ probably won’t become the next Facebook, it’s going to continue to be an influence in search engine optimization in the future, and it’s going to continue to deliver value to Google in the form of advertising intelligence.”

As a result, I conclude each piece with my advice to continue using it for SEO and marketing purposes. According to recent research by ComScore, Google+ still has a significant audience penetration in the US. With a 38% reach of the digital population – compared to Twitter’s 36% – Google+ is still a major player, and continues to hold value for business owners.

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If you’re looking to get more targeted Google+ followers, Justin Bryant shares a few awesome techniques in this informative video that will teach you how to get more potential customers for your business:

So, there you have it. Now that you’ve learned how to grow your Google+ presence, you’re ready to take things to the next level!