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Demystifying the Facebook Algorithm

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The Facebook Algorithm The Facebook algorithm limits the number of posts that Facebook users can see in order to reduce the amount of clutter displayed in their News Feed. Your Facebook News Feed is automatically set to only show posts of people you’ve recently engaged with. What this means in …

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Understanding Engagement on Facebook

facebook engagement signals

Engagement with your fans is the single most important activity required for success of your Facebook marketing campaign. If you do not have a strategy in place for how you will engage your followers, your campaign will likely end in failure. It is useful to always bear in mind the …

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Understanding Facebook Audience Insights

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Audience Insights helps you learn more about the people that will see your ad before you actually spend any money on it by providing access to all of the data that Facebook has on everyone. Facebook is purchasing data from 3rd party data companies on Facebook users. So when you …

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Using Facebook Graph Search to Build Your Audience

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Facebook Graph Search is a powerful and advanced Facebook tool that allows you to perform focused and more detailed searches for people, job titles, companies, places, interests, photos, groups, and more based on keywords that you use in your search. It allows you do really dig into potential employers and …

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How to Setup a Store on Facebook


Facebook provides a variety of options that allow you to start making sales from directly within the platform. You can sell directly from your Newsfeed simply by adding images of the products you’re selling and directing prospective buyers to the URL of your external app. You can also use a …

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Customizing Your Facebook Page with Apps


Creating a unique and interesting page is what is going to make your Facebook page stand out from the crowd, and Facebook provides the opportunity to use apps to customize your existing Facebook Page in a way that enhances the experience for your customers. These apps are created by third …

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How to Create Facebook Cover Image That Rocks

Your Facebook cover image is the most valuabe area of mareting real estate on your page. This image will be the first impression that most people have of your business, and quite frankly, it must rock! Your cover image is where you can really make some noise with a powerful …

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Setting Up Your Facebook Page


Your Facebook page is going to be the focal point of your Facebook marketing campaign. It is as important as your website or blog as a major source of targeted traffic for your website. Your Facebook page is really important because it will be the first impression many of your …

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