How to Effectively Increase Your Instagram Followers

Before you begin to build your audience on Instagram, it is important for you to have uploaded some images so that you’ll have some starter content that shows off your brand’s personality.

Now, one very important piece of advice: unless you’re a well-known brand such as Apple, Nike or Samsung, you’ll want to avoid posting endless images of your products. You need to think very carefully about the story you’re going to tel and the images you’re going to upload to tell that story. Once you are confident that you have a solid collection of images to show off your brand, you can start to build your audience.

In the following article, Nicole Martins Ferreira describes how to get your first 10,000 followers if you are just starting out:

How to Get Followers on Instagram: From 0 to 10k Followers

When you’re just starting out, it can be exciting to imagine how many followers your Instagram account can get. But truth is, your first 10,000 followers are the hardest to get. Why? No one knows who you are yet. You’ve still got to prove yourself as a successful brand and influencer. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. If you follow this guide on how to get followers on Instagram, you can probably hit 10,000 followers in only six months.

How to Get Followers on Instagram

#1. Join Instagram Engagement Groups

Some Instagram influencers who are just starting out have seen their Instagram followers increase fast. What did they do differently? They joined engagement groups.

engagement groups to gain followers on Instagram

While it can be tempting to join the biggest Instagram engagement groups, truth is you’ll get a more targeted list of followers by sticking to your niche. You can find engagement groups for travel, beauty, fashion and more.

In these groups, you can get followers and likes from people who have shared interests. But if you’re serious about getting the attention, you should also return the favor by following fan pages for people who join the group.

I’ve had friends get 2,000 new followers in only a couple weeks using this strategy.

While it might not help with immediate sales, it helps you gain credibility early on so your Instagram page doesn’t show that you only have 38 followers. This is more of a short-term strategy for your first few weeks on Instagram not a long-term one for getting Instagram followers.

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In the following article, Lauren Holliday describes how to effectively increase your Instagram followers by 7X in 30 days based on a case study in which a user increased his Instagram followers from 212 to 1,400 in one month:

How to Increase Your Instagram Followers by 7X in 30 Days

If you’ve ever wondered how average people develop massive Instagram followings seemingly overnight, you need to meet Max Chafkin.

Chafkin, a writer at Bloomberg, had a measly 212 Instagram followers last fall. A month later, he had 1,400.

How’d he do it?

It all started after reading a rant by an anonymous executive that claimed Instagram influencers are talentless. How talentless are they, Chafkin wondered? He reached out to two influencers, whose answers conflicted.

“If it were so easy to be an influencer, then every single person on earth would do it,” Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of the massive social media marketing agency Vaynermedia, told him.

“If it were so easy to be an influencer, then every single person on earth would do it.” — Gary Vaynerchuk

But Daniel Saynt, owner of social media marketing agency Socialyte, disagreed. He said that anyone, even Chafkin himself, could quickly gain a large following on Instagram with the right guidance.

Why should you care about Instagram? The payoff can be huge. According to Forrester, Instagram delivers 58 times better engagement than Facebook and 120 times better than Twitter. In fact, when the research company looked at seven social networks, six of them showed had an engagement rate of less than 0.1 percent. For Instagram, that number was 4.21 percent.

In the following video, Nenduboy teaches the fastest way to grow your Instagram account:

So, there you have it. A range of ways to blow up your Instagram account.

Now, having a ton of followers on Instagram won’t mean anything if those followers are not going to your website and translating into leads and sales for your business. However, the fact remains that the more followers you have, the more people you can drive to your landing page.

How to Create Images That Work On Instagram

You may be wondering exactly how you’re going to be able to consistently produce a stream of compelling images that you can use to engage your target audience. Instagram is mainly about images and videos, and there is an art and a science behind how to create content that people love, how to build a reputation and how to build trust.

People are not going to follow your account or click through to your website to learn more about you if you have mediocre content on your Instagram page. You want to make sure that you build you a recurring, consistent theme with  great aesthetics. Pay attention to your color scheme and your theme. This is what it takes to build a great account.

You need to think about what kind of theme you’re trying to build with your Instagram feed. What kind of picture does it present? What kind of message do you want your page to convey? What kind of story are you trying to tell through your content? You want something that is aesthetically pleasing. This will help you build a lot of trust and credibility for your business such that you can sell through your account.

Basically, research shows that there are specific types of images that generally perform well on Instagram. The good news is that it is not difficult to adapt those for your business and your target audience.

In the following article, Alla Bogdan teaches 10 ways to create Instagram images for your business:

10 Ways to Create Instagram Images that Work

Instagram is getting a more and more popular means to market for small businesses. Right after Facebook, it captured its audience and keeps improving and adding new features that allow business owners build visual social media presence, relations with their customers, and sell their goods/services faster.

In April 2017, Instagram reached 700 million monthly active users, up from 600 million in December 2016. It is almost 8 times as more as it was in year 2013.

The Other Side of Instagram

Young Audience

Before creating a content plan for Instagram, make sure your target audience is there. Instagram is most popular with teens and young Millennials. Half of American Instagram’s user base is between 18 and 29 years old.

It’s All about Visuals

Yes, the sky is the limit for your imagination, but you need to understand what visuals your clients expect to see in their Instagram feed. Say you’re in the insurance business. Being in that business, you might think that Instagram as a visual network is not for you but even young people need insurance. You can speak to them the visual language. If there is not much real photos of your goods/services that you can post, compose your content plan with such visuals as infographics, tips, statistics and hacks.

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And in the following article, Ana Gotter shares 7 specific types of Instagram images that generate a lot of engagement and how you can adapt them for your own business:

7 Types of Images that Perform Well on Instagram

Visual content is being prioritized all across the major social media platforms, and its importance on Instagram (which is almost entirely a purely visual platform) is obvious.

While we used to use visual content to stand out on social media, visual content is now everywhere, and the question becomes how do we make our visual content stand out from the rest?

Types of Good Instagram Images

Fortunately, there are certain types of images that typically perform well on Instagram, all of which are easy to adapt for your business and your target audience. (Spoiler alert: Selfies don’t make this list. Just in case you were wondering.)

In this post, we’re going to take a look at 7 specific types of Instagram images that bring in a lot of engagement and how you can replicate them.

1. UGC Images

User-generated content, or UGC, is the biggest thing in marketing right now. It’s authentic, and it connects and resonates with users, working as social proof and showing visitors that other users are raving about your brand. It’s no surprise that UGC images get a ton of attention and engagement on Instagram.

Thanking users for sharing their pictures can go a long way, both with them and other users.

UGC images also come with the added benefit of being created by someone else, saving you time and potentially money. Always look for public posts and ask the user if you can share their content on your profile. When you do, tag them and show your appreciation.

Sharing fan’s posts about your products is an authentic type of marketing that resonates with users.

For more information on how to inspire, find, and use UGC, you can check out this post.

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In the following video, you’ll learn 100 compelling pose and photo ideas for Instagram:

How to Setup a Winning Instagram Business Profile

It is free, quick and easy to setup your Instagram profile. All you need to do is to download the app from Google Play if you are on Android or from the app from te app store if you have an iPhone. You need a username and password, and then complete the profile information and upload your profile image with either a logo or a photo of yourself.

Businesses cannot afford to ignore Instagram because statistics show that users are 10 times more likely to engage with brands than on other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. In order to get the best out of Instagram however, you need to create an Instagram profile that effectively engages and captures the attention of your target audience.

In the following article, Lindsay Kolowich takes you through the steps to creating the perfect Instagram profile for your business:

The Anatomy of a Perfect Instagram Profile

With 500 million daily users and more than 80 percent of Instagram accounts following a business account, it’s crucial that marketers include Instagram as a part of their social media marketing strategy.

It all starts with your Instagram profile.

The best Instagram profiles have a few things in common, including easily identifiable usernames, a recognizable profile picture, a steady stream of Instagram Stories and photos, an informative yet delightful bio, a link to a relevant landing page or campaign, and more.

Keep reading to learn how to customize your Instagram profile so it looks good, tells your potential followers who you are, and gives them a reason to follow and engage with you.

The Anatomy of a Perfect Instagram Profile
1. Public (Not Private) Profile

By default, your Instagram profile will be public — meaning anyone in the world can view your profile and posts on Instagram.

If you’re creating an Instagram profile for business, then that’s what you want: You want anyone to be able to view your posts and follow your brand if they want to. (Otherwise, if you keep your profile private, anyone who visits your profile won’t be able to view your photos, which could deter them from following you.)

To ensure your profile is public: Open “Options” (the gear button on iOS, or three dots on Android) and make sure “Private Account” is turned off.

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In the previous article, you learned what you need to know to create an Instagram profile that effectively captures the attention of your target audience.

In the following article, Deep Patel shares 15 powerful tips that will teach you how to effectively optimize your Instagram profile in a way that will help you achieve your Instagram goals and objectives:

15 Ways to Optimize Your Instagram Profile

In 2017, Instagram added an additional 100 million users to their platform and there are no signs of slowed growth in 2018. There is a reason Instagram is growing at an incredible clip.

The average person turns to Instagram to access remarkable photos and videos produced by friends, influencers and brands. Companies rely on Instagram because users are 10 times more likely to engage with brands than on other platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

In order to unlock Instagram’s potential, however, it’s important to create an Instagram profile that successfully captures the attention of target audience members. By following the tips outlined below, social media marketers can optimize an Instagram profile to drive meaningful business outcomes.
1. Opt for an Instagram Business account.

Over 25 million businesses are already using Instagram Business accounts to access helpful analytics and promotional tools. Unlike personal accounts, Business accounts provide users with analytics related to post performance and follower growth. Business users have the office location and hours in a section separate from the traditional Instagram bio.

Since 80 percent of Instagram users follow at least one brand, Instagram allows Business accounts to include a contact button that sends a message via Instagram direct message, email or SMS to the brand representatives. This makes social media customer support far easier than before.

Last but not least, Business accounts can “boost” content with just a few taps. This relatively inexpensive paid promotion ensures that you reach a wider audience no matter what post you choose to boost.

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And there you have it. If you want to achieve your Instagram goals and objectives, you need to create a well-optimized Instagram profile, and the tips in these articles will go a long way towards helping you accomplish that.

Setting Goals & Objectives for Instagram Marketing

Before you go ahead and setup an Instagram profile, you need to first of all decide exactly what goals and objectives you want to achieve from the platform, and the results you want your business to achieve .

There’s a lot you can accomplish on Instagram, and you can choose to have several goals. However, these goals must be compatible in order to successfully implement them on the same account. For example, if you want to use Instagram to listen for brand mentions and sales opportunities, a different marketing strategy is used than if you want to use Instagram for market research. If you have different goals like these, it’s best to simply setup more than one Instagram account.

Following is a comprehensive list of some of the goals you can achieve on Twitter:

  • Develop an engaged and targeted network.
  • Build relationships with your target audience.
  • For market research to get insights into your target audience.
  • Drive qualified traffic to your website.
  • Establish brand recognition.
  • Generate new leads for your business.
  • Increase sales.
  • Connect with your target audience on a personal level.
  • To promote a new product or event.
  • Share information with your existing customers about a particular product or service.
  • Engage and strengthen relationships with existing customers.
  • Create viral photos and videos.
  • Monitor your brand’s reputation in real time.

Your SMART Objectives

Once you have defined your goals, it’s time to get more specific. Objectives are the specific, measurable results that you want to achieve on the platform within a defined time frame. For example: “Initiate three meetings through Twitter with potential customers over the next two months” is much more specific and meaningful than “Generate leads from Twitter.”

The process begins with setting SMART objectives. SMART objectives are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-constrained.

  1. Specific:Your objectives should be clearly defined, unequivocal and specific to the results you want. For instance, go deeper than “increase brand awareness” to “increase brand awareness by 10% in the next six months via a targeted Instagram marketing campaign aimed at newly qualified accountants resident in the UK.”
  2. Measurable:It is crucial that you are able to effectively track and analyse the results of your objectives on Instagram to see if you were effective. This is why having a specific objective is important, because it will clearly show whether results were met.
  3. Attainable and Realistic:It is very important to set objectives that are achievable and realistic. Your objectives should be challenging and make you stretch, but not to the point that they are practically impossible to achieve. For example “achieving a CTR of 20%” isn’t realistic. Your goal of 0.25% conversion may be more plausible so consider what’s feasible when setting your objectives.
  4. Relevant:Relevant objectives are those that further the aims of what you are trying to accomplish as a company. For example, successfully getting 1000 connections is not relevant if those connections are people who are not in your target market.
  5. Time Constrained:This involves grounding goals within a time frame, and giving them a target date. A time-constrained goal is intended to establish a sense of urgency. A commitment to a deadline will help focus your efforts on completion of the goal on or before the due date.

Your objectives should also include the means by which your ultimate goals will be met. For example, if your ultimate goal is to increase traffic to your website by 150% in the upcoming month, your objectives are the steps that must be taken on Twitter in order for that goal to be realized.

Setting an objective begins with identifying intent. Next, make it specific by adding a number, percentage, increase/decrease and a date.

Examples of the types of objectives to use in a Twitter marketing campaign:

  • Add 1000 targeted Instagram followers to brand account by December 2014.
  • Increase traffic from Instagram to my website by 150% within 3 months.
  • Start 5 conversations per month with potential customers that contain late-stage buying indicators.
  • Increase conversions from Instagram users by 200% within six months.
  • Generate 25 qualified leads per month from Instagram.
  • By setting clear and specific goals and objectives, you’ll be able to define a clear line of action on how you’ll set about achieving those goals on Instagram.

Getting Started with Instagram Marketing for Business

Thanks to the power of images, Instagram has become a powerhouse for marketing any business by allowing businesses to connect with their prospective customers in a personal way. The right images have the ability to help you build a community or list of prospects that are interested in your business and the products or services that you sell.

Instagram provides the opportunity to create a memorable brand by delivering a new visual experience using a constant stream of photos that represent your business’s personality. For example, you can use behind the scenes photos of yor business to build trust with your target audience and develop an emotional connection with your brand that makes your prospects more likely to purchase from you. As one of the fastest growing social networks in the world, Instagram is definitely a platform that you’ll want to pay particular attention to.

The fact is, most of us are visually inspired, and images can be used to appeal to emotions. You can use magnetic and alluring images to attract followers, showcase your products and engage the senses of your target audience. Images make this so easy to accomplish because they are far more likely to be remembered than text, and by reaching your audience in a light hearted way, you can drive engagement with your target audience.

Instagram’s audience is quite young, and majority of it’s users are between 18 and 35 years old. This makes it the perfect platform to market your product or service to a young audience.

In the following guide, Lisa D. Jenkins provides articles and resources to help beginner, intermediate, and advanced marketers use Instagram profiles, stories, live video, ads, analysis, contests, and more for business:

Instagram for Business: The Ultimate Instagram Marketing Guide

If you’re new to Instagram business options or want to add something new to your current Instagram marketing plan, this page is for you.

Here, you’ll find articles and resources to help beginner, intermediate, and advanced marketers use Instagram profiles, stories, live video, ads, analysis, contests, and more for business.

Understand the Instagram Shadowban

Is there an Instagram shadowban? Explore the truth behind Instagram’s ‘shadowban’ and learn how to avoid activities that can result in reduced visibility on Instagram.

Put My Business on Instagram

How do I set up an Instagram business profile? Find out how to make the switch to an Instagram business profile and access a number of analytic features business owners will find useful.

How do I create an easily recognizable Instagram style for my business? Discover how to create Instagram posts that reflect and support your branding.

How do I sell my products on Instagram? Learn how to use Shoppable Posts to let people buy from you on Instagram.

How do I use Instagram if I don’t sell physical products? Find out how to plan and construct Instagram posts to help service-based businesses establish a strong visual presence.

How can I use more than one link in my Instagram bio? Discover three tools to help you get more out of your Instagram bio link by serving multiple links to people who click on your Instagram bio.

Advertise on Instagram

How do I create Instagram lead ads? Learn how to create Instagram lead ads to collect valuable contact information from potential customers without pushing them off of the platform.
How do I create Instagram Stories ads? Learn to create an ad that appears between stories on Instagram.
What tools can I use to create Instagram ads? Find out how to create ads from stories, and serve ads on Facebook and Instagram.
How can I use Instagram Stories ads? Explore three ways ads on Instagram can support brand awareness, drive sales, and collect user-generated content.

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In the following article by Buffer, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create a successful Instagram marketing strategy for your business:

Instagram Marketing

Everything you need to know to create a successful Instagram marketing strategy for your business.

Across the globe, there are over 800 million Instagrammers — more than 500 million of whom use Instagram every single day, sharing more than 250 million piece of content each day.

Those are huge numbers. And no matter who your audience is — age, gender, occupation, anything — you’ll be sure to reach them through Instagram. So the question becomes…

How to promote your business on Instagram?

How can you stand out among the other millions photos, videos and stories posted each day? How can non-designers and amateur photographers create beautiful content for Instagram?

These are all questions we’d love to help you answer in this guide.

Buffer for Instagram now comes with direct scheduling! Schedule single-image posts or set reminders to post videos at your best times to grow your Instagram following. Learn more today.

  • Why use Instagram for business?
  • How to create an Instagram marketing strategy
  • Instagram demographics
  • Keys to a successful profile
  • How to create a content strategy
  • Instagram Stories
  • Creating a content plan
  • How to find your best frequency and timing on Instagram
  • How to increase growth and engagement
  • Measuring your results with Instagram analytics

Now that you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Instagram, take your knowledge of the platform to the next level with 5 advanced strategies that will help you quickly grow your Instagram.