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Search Engine Optimization

External (Outbound) Links

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What are External Links? External links (also known as outbound links) are links from your site to other websites. They are just as important to a high organic search ranking as inbound links. Most website owners are completely focused on backlinks that outbound linking remains largely ignored and generally misunderstood. …

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Categorizing Your Local Business

local categories

The way in which you categorize your local business for local or mobile search is critically important when optimizing your site for Google Maps. This information sends a thematic signal to the search engines about the site’s theme, and is what will be used when your business citations are created on …

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How to Use HTML Heading Tags

html heading tag illustration

Understanding HTML Heading Tags HTML heading tags are used to define headings and subheadings in HTML. In the early days of SEO, HTML headings featured prominently in Google’s organic search ranking algorithm. Due to incessant abuse however, it was once thought that their impact on search engine optimization had been …

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Using Advanced Search Engine Commands


Understanding Search Engine Commands Search engines commands when used in combination are powerful and sometimes prove essential for diagnosing SEO problems. The commands are useful for filtering search results to show only pages that contain certain attributes. E.g. if you have a webpage that has an issue such as a …

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The Google Penguin Update

The Google Penguin algorithm update was initially released on May 25, 2012. The algorithm has been refreshed periodically since its first release. In effect, the Penguin filter would run from time to time and penalize sites that Google considered were using spammy link building techniques. Those sites would remain penalized …

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Google Peronalized Search

google personalised search

What is Google Personalized Search? Google Personalized Search provides a more personalized search experience based on your personal history. Google Semantic Search seeks to provide the best results based on what Google knows about you including your network of contacts, previous searches, social shares, current trends, use of connecting words …

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Google Semantic Search

google hummingbird

What is Semantic Search? Semantic search (also known as implicit search) has been integrated into the Google search engine algorithms over the past few years. It is essentially an intelligent search process that seeks to generate more accurate results by focusing on intent and the “contextual” meaning of keywords being …

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The Google Panda Algorithm Update

Google Panda illusration

The Google Panda algorithm was first released in February 2011. Google Panda is essentially a content quality filter that analyses the quality of an entire website’s content. The algorithm was specifically designed to lower the rank of “low-quality” or “thin-content” sites, and return only higher-quality websites to the front page of search results. The update was a …

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How to Perform Keyword Optimization

What is Keyword Optimization? Keyword optimization is the process of optimizing a webpage for targeted keywords. It is a structured process that can effectively increase the relevance of a webpage to a specific search query. Essentially, the keywords that you use to optimize the pages of your site are the …

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