Tuesday , September 18 2018
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Advantages of Using Google+ For Business

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Google+ offers a myriad of features that has made finding, sharing and engaging with content more effective and innovative. These include the +1 button, personal profiles, business pages, circles, communities, events and Hangouts. Google+ differs from Facebook in that you can follow anyone without that person having to accept a …

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Creating a Powerful Facebook Sales Funnel

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Why You Should Build a Commmunity No matter what you’re selling on Facebook, the most effective marketing strategy is to create an engaged community of fans that you regularly communicate and interact with through page post engagement ads and apps such as Facebook Messenger. And this is the biggest difference …

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Using Social Media For Business

Businesses need to promote and market themselves directly to their customers, on every possible channel that is available to them. This means that in order to be successful, a small business needs to employ a diverse variety of marketing strategies, including traditional off-line advertising techniques, online SEO strategies and various …

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