Your Facebook cover image is the most valuabe area of mareting real estate on your page. This image will be the first impression that most people have of your business, and quite frankly, it must rock! Your cover image is where you can really make some noise with a powerful hook that creates an emotional connection with your target audience. You need to seize the opportunity to immediately communicate exactly what your business is all about at a glance.

Unfortunately, many businesses miss out on the opportunity provided by the cover image by uploading a generic image without a strong message. If your cover image is weak or unremarkable, this will ultimately affect the number of likes you’re able to generate on your page.

In the following article, Fergus Baird provides a free, step-by-step guide that teaches you how to create Facebook pages with attractive cover images that can generate results for your business:

How to Create Great Facebook Cover Photos: Sizes, Styles, Examples

When someone visits your Facebook page, the first thing they see is a large splash image taking up almost a quarter of the screen: your Facebook cover photo. This is your profile’s headline, a big, bold banner image that introduces your brand to potential Facebook followers.
You can feature a lot in your Facebook cover photo: images of your product or team, ads and promotions, or even something as simple as graphic that sets the right mood. A good cover photo can result in increased engagement, whether that’s more page likes or boosted traffic to your website or other social channels.

So, how do you make Facebook cover photos—and get the most out of them?

This article will go over everything you need to know about Facebook cover photos, from the ideal Facebook cover photo size, to picking attention-grabbing images—or videos!—that set the right tone and convince people to interact with your page.

I’ll also highlight some best practices, share good examples, and explain why they’re successful.

Let’s start with the basics: making sure your image fits the Facebook cover photo size guidelines (and their other guidelines, too).

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As we have already establised, the right image and the right message is a winning combination. If you are targeting the right audience, they are highly likely to press the like button the first time they get to your page. In the following article, Eugine Dychko outlines 10 tips to create the perfect cover image with outstanding examples:

10 Practices to Create the Perfect Cover Image

A Facebook cover photos are like shop windows for a brands’ pages. Users look at it for a second and make a decision whether to stay on the page or not. Moreover, it can also work as a small landing page, a call-to-action visual and an event announcement.

There are certain Facebook guidelines and rules for the format of the cover photo. That being said, the process of creating a Facebook cover image can seem quite daunting.

All this pressure and no fun!

Well, it’s not entirely true – there is still room for creativity. You just need to remember that your shop window has its limits but also that today you have tools to easily create your own covers.

We made it very simple to create Facebook cover photos with Crello. All you have to do is customize the text and add your photo.

Now, let’s dive into the secret of eye-catching Facebook cover images, the most essential information to get you started and exceptional examples for a little inspiration.

1. Comply with Facebook Page’s Cover Photo Guidelines

We’ll start with the most dull but important information – the official Facebook guidelines.

If you don’t want your page to be taken down over a cover photo, follow the guidelines:

  • Make sure your cover is not deceptive, misleading or infringes anyone’s copyright.
  • You may not encourage people to upload your cover to their personal timelines.
  • Don’t include third party products, brands or sponsors within your Page’s cover photo or profile picture.

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In the following video, Marcus provides a collection of awesome Facebook cover images to inspire you:

So, there you have it. It is of paramount importance that whatever you put on your cover photo grabs the attention of your target audience, and inspires them to hit the like button as soon as they get to your page.