A Google+ page provides your business with a digital identity on Google where you can post content and interact with an audience of people who have chosen to follow you on Google+. Engaging with your audience on your page allows you to build trust, build relationships, develop your brand and increase awareness.

Google+ pages work in the same way as Google+ personal profiles. You can add people to circles, edit your profile, share content on Google+, +1 comments and photos within Google+ and create and join Hangouts. You can post content and direct them back to your website or blog for updates about your busness and can send messages to particular groups of people. However, Google+ pages cannot currently +1 other page and you cannot share to extended circles.

Before you create your page, it is important to be clear and specific about what you’re aiming to achieve by creating a business page on Google+. You can leverage your Google+ page as a marketing tool to do several things including searching for new customers, developing your brand, building your opt-in and driving traffic to your blog.

In the following step-by-step guide, Shawn Hessinger explains how to create a Google+ provide page:

How to Create a Google Plus Page for Your Small Business

Get a Google Page with This Guide to How to Create a Google Plus Page for Your Small BusinessWhen you create a Google Plus page, it will integrate your small business into the Google ecosystem. This will make your company more accessible when users are searching on a Google page locally.

And just like the other social media channels offering business pages for their entrepreneurs, with a Google page, it means you can also do the same. Google+ offers you the opportunity to create a business page to promote your business, organization or a specific product you have in mind. The Google Plus community is growing in numbers and you can take advantage of when you create a Google Plus page to grow and promote your business.
A Google Page for Your Small Business

I want to take you through the process of creating a Google Plus page for your business or organization. Just like Facebook, you will need a personal profile on Google Plus to get started. If you don’t have one yet, sign up and create a personal Google Plus account first. You can only create that Google page for your business once your profile has been created.

If you have a Google Plus personal profile, follow these steps to create a Google Plus page for your business.

How to Create a Google Plus Page

Pick a Category for Your Business

1. Visit Create a business page on Google Plus (or follow “All Your Google Plus Pages” in the pull down under your profile photo) and hit “create a page.” Pick a category for your business. Pick the right category that perfectly describes your business or organization. You can choose from local business or place; product or brand; company, institution or organization; arts, entertainment or sports and other if the specific choices mentioned do not apply to your business.

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In this video, Kori Ashton explains how to create a Google+ business page.