A Pinterest content strategy defines what type of content you share on the platform, when to post it, and how to evaluate its effectiveness. Once you have created your profile, you now need to setup some initial boards in order to give a good visual impression when your prospective customers arrive on your profile. Importantly, your profile needs to be interesting, eye catching and inviting.

Pinterest is not just about sharing images that you think are going to do well. When executing a content strategy, you need to understand your customers and prospects, and find out what makes them tick. Randomly creating boards that you think your followers may find interesting is not going to be effective for you.

You should aim to create the visual experience your audience is looking for by planning the experience you want to create for your target audience and understanding how you’re going to put your boards together to best promote your products.

An effective content strategy will:

  • Provide you with clear guidelines for what type of content to produce.
  • Identify the most optimal times to post.
  • Keep your fans and other connections engaged with your content by generating likes, comments  and shares.
  • Help you plan and write for your intended audience more effectively.

In the following article, Cynthia Sanchez shares some insights into how to create Pinterest content that grabs the attention of your target audience:

How to Create Pinterest Content That Connects: What Marketers Need To Know

Do you use Pinterest for your social media marketing?

Interested in better ways to connect with your audience?

People use Pinterest differently from other social networks. Instead of conversations or news sharing, people use Pinterest to collect information about their interests.

In this article you’ll discover what the Pinterest community looks for and how to create pins to get their attention.

Unlike other social networks, where people mostly share things that have already happened, most of the pins on Pinterest are about things people want to do or achieve.

The word “dream” is commonly found on Pinterest, especially in board titles, such as dream wedding, dream vacation, dream wardrobe and even dream man cave.

Pinterest is a resource for people who want to do things in the future, which is why the word “dream” comes up so often on the platform.

People use these boards to collect pins for inspiration for the long- and short-term. This is good news for businesses, because people will (hopefully) turn their dreams and plans into reality one day and start buying the items they’ve pinned.

Boards with pins of recipes, DIY projects or gadgets are likely to be realized sooner rather than later, and could all lead to purchases at any time. This is why visibility on Pinterest is so important.

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Creating compelling images that will resonate with your target audience is important if your Pinterest marketing strategy is going to be successful. In the following article, Rebekah Radice shares 7 easy tips to help you create captivating Pinterest images that will grab attention and effectively engage your audience.

7 Ways to Create Perfect Pinterest Images (that Drive Clicks!)

Many businesses are still wondering how to use Pinterest.

Are you one of them?

Are you wondering how to use images to express your message? Are you worried your business won’t resonate on Pinterest?

These are concerns I hear over & over again.

My response: don’t worry!!

It’s not hard to use Pinterest for your business. You just need to position your content properly.

That means creating super compelling images! How do you do that?

Below I list seven easy tips to help you create captivating Pinterest images that will drive clicks.

1. Optimize Your Pin for Search

perfect pinterest imagePinterest users are primed & ready to buy what your small business is selling. So you need to be creating images that move them through the buying process.

Not only is there a higher trust factor on Pinterest, but also higher conversion rates.

87% of Pinterest users say they trust Pinterest over any other network, while 47% say they’ve acted on an offer through Pinterest.

So, what are your waiting for? Let’s get your product or service out there!

A captivating Pinterest image will not only attract attention to your pins — but it will also encourage interaction & inspire growth!

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Now you have a clear idea of the type of images that go viral on Pinterest. In the following video, you’re going to learn how to double my followers and triple your traffic from Pinterest by creating the type of images that go viral: