As with other social networks, content is king on Google+. If you really want to build a large and thriving community of brand advocates and customers around your Google+ page, you’re going to need to build trust and credibility.

There’s only way you can accomplish this: by communicating with your target audience on a consistent basis in the right way, and by regularly delivering the highest quality content which will grab attention, appeal to their interests and contribute real value to their lives.

To create this type of content, you need to have a strong understanding of your target audience: their goals, aspirations, problems, challenges, frustrations and desires. This will give you the insights you need to communicate with them in ways that they will listen and take action on. As your followers begin to engage with your content, you’ll begin to build trust and credibility, and start converting them into customers.

It is important to note that posting excellent content on Google+ is not only going to help increase your followers on Google+, but it is also likely to increase your organic search ranking, especially in the major search engines.

Keep in mind that just because a particular piece of content has done well on other social networks doesn’t mean it is guaranteed to do just as well on Google+. In the following article, Brian Honigman explains how to create content that caters to the wants and needs of your audience, and is perfectly suited for Google+:

How to Create Content Suited for Google+

Some businesses and marketing teams unfairly treat Google+ like a social media content dump; nothing more than a bulletin board to publish content that was originally meant for other social networks in an attempt to increase their SEO efforts.

It’s all too common for marketers to only focus on publishing content that has been repurposed from other networks or blogs and fail to actively participate in the Google+ community. Many of these brands can miss the features that make Google+ a unique opportunity to share content and as a result, can struggle to develop any real traction with their content.

While repurposing content can yield many advantages, it shouldn’t be the sole purpose of any social network strategy since each channel requires unique content to nurture their audiences. Marketers should test a variety of content types on Google+ to incorporate a healthy mix of themes your organization regularly addresses.

Google+ benefits from a thriving and dedicated community that often consumes content varying from visually appealing posts such as videos, GIFS and infographics to in-depth discussions that we’ve grown to expect from chat rooms or fan forums. Many Google+ users interact by offering advice and openly sharing their expertise within circles to give back to their communities. The overall mindset is that Google+ users are looking to learn and communicate with their content and self promotion doesn’t tend to resonate as well.

To create content that caters to the wants and needs of your audience, you should begin by developing a healthy understanding of how your community wants to interact with your content and what your audience is looking to accomplish while using Google+.

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In the previous article, you learned how to create content that is perfectly suited for Google+. In the following article, by Gavin Llewellyn, you’ll learn how to create a powerful content strategy that is specifically designed for Google+:

Creating a content strategy for Google+

The overall aim of brands using social networking is to create engaged communities around compelling content that educates, entertains, inspires and/or angers.

The key, then, is to use content to generate interest and ultimately Likes, Retweets, +1s, comments and shares for the content that’s being published. By generating interest for specific posts, users can produce a viral effect where that interest is then multiplied as a result of others throughout someone’s social graph being exposed to and then (hopefully) interacting with that content themselves. And so the cycle continues as their social graphs become exposed to the content.
Creating impactful content on Google+

One of the unique aspects of Google+ is the intuitive nature of the interface and the ability to easily filter and segment people and companies into custom Circles. By focusing in on specific Circles, users can control the information and content they see from others. But in order to get Circled (whether you’re a company or an individual), you have to offer compelling content that benefits the user.

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In the following video, Ryan Hanley and Mark Traphagen share some powerful insights on how to build a successful content marketing strategy on Google+.