The word “engagement” is used so much in the world of social media marketing, it’s running a real risk of becoming an overused buzzword that is losing its true meaning.

However, you cannot underestimate the power of engagement online. Engagement is really what social media is all about. If you’re running a social media marketing campaign, it is the most important metric that you need to measure. If you’re not engaging with your target audience on a regular basis, then they are not going to like you. Most importantly, they are not going to trust you.

Ultimately your social media marketing campaign is never going to be successful because if you’re not trusted, you’re not going to get any meaningful engagement with your content or be able to drive traffic to your site.

Trust on social media is synonymous with credibility and reliability. Interacting with your audience in your target community on a regular basis is what is going to help you build rapport and that essential trust element with your target audience.

You have to recognize that as a brand on Reddit, you’re going to be viewed with a tremendous amount of dubiousness, especially if your account is new. Redditors are going to naturally assume that you’re only there to promote your business until you’re able to prove them wrong. And the way you do that is by becoming a genuine redditor. That means contributing value, and interacting with your target community on a consistent basis.

The fact is, one misstep from you can provide an opening for negative feedback and comments, damaging your reputation on the site in the process. You have no control over negative feedback on social media, and you have to do your best to avoid it.

And that is exactly why social engagement is so important to businesses.

So, what is engagement?

Well, in the world of social media… engagement is the process by which we interact with or engage in two-way conversations with our target audience.

Engagement is about:

  • Being active in your target community
  • Building relationships
  • Building trust and credibility
  • Nurturing existing relationships
  • Actively participating in discussions
  • Listening
  • Acknowledging comments
  • Thanking your audience for mentions
  • Respectfully correcting misinformation
  • Responding to feedback from our target audience.

Now, as far as accomplishing your social media marketing goals are concerned, getting fol is just one small step. Now, don’t get this wrong. Karma is absolutely essential on Reddit because without it, you’ll be severely restricted in what you accomplish on the platform. You won’t get the attention of your target audience, and you won’t be able to fully participate in discussions on Reddit.

But the fact remains that increasing karma is only a means to an end. It’s not the end goal.

For Reddit to be effective for you as a business, you need to get your target audience interested enough to check out your profile. They need to believe that you can really help them achieve their goals or solve their problems. You want them to engage with your content, and get them into the habit of always engaging with your content. This is how you’re going to successfully drive them into your sales funnel, and when they get to your website or our landing page, sign up to your email list.

There are specific goals that you want to accomplish on Reddit, and engaging your target audience is what is going to help you accomplish those goals. The fact is, when your target audience are engaging with you, they are more likely to convert on your goals.

Now, our content marketing strategy is specifically designed to grab the attention of our target audience. It’s not just to increase Karma.

The actual goal of our content marketing strategy is to grab attention and to increase awareness of our brand in our targeted communities.

That is why we need to create content that is going to get us noticed.

Now, posting high quality content and getting noticed is essential, because they can lead to significant opportunities for your business. But ultimately, sharing content is not going to be enough for you to achieve your Reddit marketing goals. You need to go even further to drive more significant results.

And that is why posting quality content cannot be your end goal.

Your end goal should be to engage those people that are consuming your content and have been affected by it. You want to engage them in conversations on a regular basis and let them know that you have the knowledge and expertise to help them solve their problems or achieve their goals. This is how you’re going to build relationships with them.

Engaging those people is what is going to persuade your target audience to enter your sales funnel, and lead them to sign up to your email marketing campaign. That’s ultimately what’s going to lead to people becoming loyal customers and brand advocates.

And that is why you need an engagement-driven content strategy.

Now, here’s what generally happens when you post content that adds value in your target community:

Whenever you post content that actually helps people in your target community, some of the members in our community are going to engage with your content beyond simply upvoting it.

Some people will actually post comments and start conversations around your content.

  • They will ask questions.
  • They will thank you for posting the content.
  • They will let you know how your content has helped them solve specific problems or achieve certain goals.

Now, you need to have a plan in place to engage all of those people that are taking the extra step to comment and actually engage with your content. You need to have a plan in place to build relationships with those people so that you can ultimately convert them into customers down the line.

You need to acknowledge their comments and let them know that you are there for them.

Now, if you want to achieve your Reddit goals and objectives, it is essential to be a genuine redditor that is socially active in your target communities. If you cannot be active in your community, Reddit isn’t for you. It’s not going to work for you.

You need to project your brand personality in the way that you communicate with your target audience. You need to be authentic and consistent so that people know exactly what to expect from you.

However, it is also important to recognize that being authentic on Reddit is not always a clear-cut thing. For example, if you have very strong philosophical, religious or political views, it will be best to rein this in so that those personal beliefs do not get in the way of interacting with a large and diverse network of people who may not share your personal beliefs and philosophies.

But by actually coming across as a human being, you can differentiate yourself from the vast majority of businesses and competitors on Reddit who prefer to hide under anonymous usernames and would never even consider engaging their target community. By having a personality and coming across as a human being, you’re going to be more trusted, more memorable, and much more likely to stand out.