Thanks to the power of images, Instagram has become a powerhouse for marketing any business by allowing businesses to connect with their prospective customers in a personal way. The right images have the ability to help you build a community or list of prospects that are interested in your business and the products or services that you sell.

Instagram provides the opportunity to create a memorable brand by delivering a new visual experience using a constant stream of photos that represent your business’s personality. For example, you can use behind the scenes photos of yor business to build trust with your target audience and develop an emotional connection with your brand that makes your prospects more likely to purchase from you. As one of the fastest growing social networks in the world, Instagram is definitely a platform that you’ll want to pay particular attention to.

The fact is, most of us are visually inspired, and images can be used to appeal to emotions. You can use magnetic and alluring images to attract followers, showcase your products and engage the senses of your target audience. Images make this so easy to accomplish because they are far more likely to be remembered than text, and by reaching your audience in a light hearted way, you can drive engagement with your target audience.

Instagram’s audience is quite young, and majority of it’s users are between 18 and 35 years old. This makes it the perfect platform to market your product or service to a young audience.

In the following guide, Lisa D. Jenkins provides articles and resources to help beginner, intermediate, and advanced marketers use Instagram profiles, stories, live video, ads, analysis, contests, and more for business:

Instagram for Business: The Ultimate Instagram Marketing Guide

If you’re new to Instagram business options or want to add something new to your current Instagram marketing plan, this page is for you.

Here, you’ll find articles and resources to help beginner, intermediate, and advanced marketers use Instagram profiles, stories, live video, ads, analysis, contests, and more for business.

Understand the Instagram Shadowban

Is there an Instagram shadowban? Explore the truth behind Instagram’s ‘shadowban’ and learn how to avoid activities that can result in reduced visibility on Instagram.

Put My Business on Instagram

How do I set up an Instagram business profile? Find out how to make the switch to an Instagram business profile and access a number of analytic features business owners will find useful.

How do I create an easily recognizable Instagram style for my business? Discover how to create Instagram posts that reflect and support your branding.

How do I sell my products on Instagram? Learn how to use Shoppable Posts to let people buy from you on Instagram.

How do I use Instagram if I don’t sell physical products? Find out how to plan and construct Instagram posts to help service-based businesses establish a strong visual presence.

How can I use more than one link in my Instagram bio? Discover three tools to help you get more out of your Instagram bio link by serving multiple links to people who click on your Instagram bio.

Advertise on Instagram

How do I create Instagram lead ads? Learn how to create Instagram lead ads to collect valuable contact information from potential customers without pushing them off of the platform.
How do I create Instagram Stories ads? Learn to create an ad that appears between stories on Instagram.
What tools can I use to create Instagram ads? Find out how to create ads from stories, and serve ads on Facebook and Instagram.
How can I use Instagram Stories ads? Explore three ways ads on Instagram can support brand awareness, drive sales, and collect user-generated content.

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In the following article by Buffer, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create a successful Instagram marketing strategy for your business:

Instagram Marketing

Everything you need to know to create a successful Instagram marketing strategy for your business.

Across the globe, there are over 800 million Instagrammers — more than 500 million of whom use Instagram every single day, sharing more than 250 million piece of content each day.

Those are huge numbers. And no matter who your audience is — age, gender, occupation, anything — you’ll be sure to reach them through Instagram. So the question becomes…

How to promote your business on Instagram?

How can you stand out among the other millions photos, videos and stories posted each day? How can non-designers and amateur photographers create beautiful content for Instagram?

These are all questions we’d love to help you answer in this guide.

Buffer for Instagram now comes with direct scheduling! Schedule single-image posts or set reminders to post videos at your best times to grow your Instagram following. Learn more today.

  • Why use Instagram for business?
  • How to create an Instagram marketing strategy
  • Instagram demographics
  • Keys to a successful profile
  • How to create a content strategy
  • Instagram Stories
  • Creating a content plan
  • How to find your best frequency and timing on Instagram
  • How to increase growth and engagement
  • Measuring your results with Instagram analytics

Now that you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Instagram, take your knowledge of the platform to the next level with 5 advanced strategies that will help you quickly grow your Instagram.