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August, 2014

  • 24 August

    Using Advanced Search Engine Commands


    Understanding Search Engine Commands Search engines commands when used in combination are powerful and sometimes prove essential for diagnosing SEO problems. The commands are useful for filtering search results to show only pages that contain certain attributes. E.g. if you have a webpage that has an issue such as a …

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July, 2014

  • 24 July

    Importance of Co-Citations For SEO

    social media mentions

    What Is A Co-Citation? Co-citations are effectively “mentions” across the web. A mention occurs when an article or blog post about a topic in your industry refers to your site in relation to a particular product or service, but doesn’t actually establish a link to your site. This is a …

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  • 24 July

    Google Peronalized Search

    google personalised search

    What is Google Personalized Search? Google Personalized Search provides a more personalized search experience based on your personal history. Google Semantic Search seeks to provide the best results based on what Google knows about you including your network of contacts, previous searches, social shares, current trends, use of connecting words …

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June, 2014

  • 24 June

    Google Semantic Search

    google hummingbird

    What is Semantic Search? Semantic search (also known as implicit search) has been integrated into the Google search engine algorithms over the past few years. It is essentially an intelligent search process that seeks to generate more accurate results by focusing on intent and the “contextual” meaning of keywords being …

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