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November, 2016

  • 5 November

    Why Social Signals are Important for SEO

    social signals

    What are Social Signals? Social signals are the search engine’s measure of your “share of voice” in social media. Essentially, they are an estimation of how trusted and influential you on social media. Social signals are measured in terms of how much your material is engaged with (commented on, +1ed, …

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January, 2015

  • 26 January

    How to Perform Competitor Analysis

    applie computer and ipad

    Importance of Competitor Analysis Even though it is often overlooked, competitor analysis is one of most important aspects of SEO. Analysing the top-ranking websites in your industry that the search engines find most relevant for your target keywords is a very important step in your SEO and internet marketing campaign. …

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  • 25 January

    How to Optimize Title Tags for Search Engine Optimization


    What is the Title Tag? Over the years, the page title tag has been viewed as the most important on-page SEO ranking factor due to the weighting traditionally accorded to it by the search engines. It is the first element of a webpage that a search crawler looks at when indexing or …

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  • 24 January

    Crafting the Meta Description Tag

    SEO superimposed against a laptop

    What is the Meta Description Tag? The Meta description tag is used on the search results page to display snippets of information about a specific webpage. It is significant to note that the content of this tag really has no direct influence on your search engine rankings. This was confirmed …

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December, 2014

  • 24 December

    Keyword Cannibalization


    The impact of site architecture on search engine rankings, is quite substantial. In fact, there is a major co-relation between poor site architecture and poor search rankings. In addition to page content, search engines use signals such as the site architecture and information hierarchy of your site to determine how …

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November, 2014

  • 24 November

    Link Building for SEO

    illustration of link building

    Importance of Link Building Organic link building is a major factor in Google’s ranking algorithm and the most challenging element of search engine optimization. It is the most powerful and effective way to increase your brand’s visibility on the search engine results page and drive organic traffic to your site. …

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  • 24 November

    Understanding Linkable Assets

    business and modern technology

    What is a Linkable Asset? A linkable asset is any piece of content on your website that you can use as link bait to generate links from contextually relevant, established sites in your niche without having to pay for those links. For example, software tools naturally attract links simply because …

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September, 2014

  • 24 September

    How to Deal with Duplicate Content on Your Site

    pencils representing creation of content

    What is Duplicate Content? Duplicate content refers to text that is repeated on more than one web page either on your site or across different sites. Google takes the issue of duplicate content very seriously. In fact, sites with duplicate content were a key target of Google’s Panda algorithm update. …

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August, 2014

  • 24 August

    How to Use HTML Heading Tags

    html heading tag illustration

    Understanding HTML Heading Tags HTML heading tags are used to define headings and subheadings in HTML. In the early days of SEO, HTML headings featured prominently in Google’s organic search ranking algorithm. Due to incessant abuse however, it was once thought that their impact on search engine optimization had been …

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  • 24 August

    Using Advanced Search Engine Commands

    Understanding Search Engine Commands Search engines commands when used in combination are powerful and sometimes prove essential for diagnosing SEO problems. The commands are useful for filtering search results to show only pages that contain certain attributes. E.g. if you have a webpage that has an issue such as a …

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