You need suscribers to leverage the power of YouTube, and you’ll need an audience of loyal viewers who’ll want to keep returning for your compelling content. In addition to optimizing your videos for search, getting subscribers who watch your videos on a regular basis is going to contribute to your videos being ranked highly in both Google and YouTube search.

In addition, you need to get people to subscribe to your channel, because you cannot start monetizing your videos until you have 1000 subscribers.

When you have regular viewers who are engaging with your video by favoriting, commenting and liking your videos, that is all going to effectively contribute to your YouTube ranking.

In the following video, Harsh Agrawal shares 20 smart tips to help you get more subscribers to your YouTube channel:

20 Smart Ways To Get More Subscribers on YouTube in 2018

Video content is leading the way in the content marketing scene (as of 2018). YouTube is currently the leading platform for video blogging (vlogging), video sharing, and video marketing. It is a free platform offered by Google, and many (including me) love it.


Facebook and Twitter have recently stepped into the video marketing game, but they still fall way short of having the kind of impact that YouTube has.


If you currently have a YouTube channel, you must be wondering how you can get more YouTube subscribers, and how you can increase the reach of your YouTube videos.


With over a billion unique YouTube visitors per month, there is a large potential audience for every uploaded video. Whether it’s a video of someone performing a prank or a video of a fashionista’s summerwear review, YouTube is the go-to platform for video consumption.


With a whole new lot of YouTube stars on the rise, it is definitely a platform to be considered by everyone looking for some online marketing and publicity.


YouTube is a great platform for bloggers to broaden their internet reach by making a personal connection with their followers.


The possibility for a blogger to leverage this social media giant and drive huge traffic from YouTube is high. To do that, one first needs to get more subscribers.


Note: This detailed guide to getting YouTube subscribers is long. Make sure you have enough time now to read it, or you can always bookmark it and read it later!


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One of the most important melestones you’ll want to reach is your first 1,000 subscribers. In the following video, Chip Dizard shares 10 tips to help you get your first 1,000 subscribers:

10 Tips On Getting Your First 1000 Subscribers

There is nothing more satisfying than hitting a milestone with your videos. One important one is your first 1,000 subscribers. This is important because YouTube offers live streaming once you have achieved this milestone and you have an account in good standing (Since the publishing of this post there has been a change: YouTube now offers live streaming for free for verified non-profit entities. Instead of needing 1,000 subscribers you now need 100 subscribers.)


Getting more subscribers can seem like a difficult task, but I’ll share 10 tips to help you get your first 1,000 subscribers.

1. Post Useful Content Consistently

This is one of the most difficult things to do as a content creator. If you take a look around YouTube you might think that every video under the sun has been created and that is most likely true, but you can put your own spin on a popular topic. For example, there are many “unboxing” tech videos…what if you created a “reboxing” and talk about the various components of tech while you put it back in the box? The key here is creativity and that will certainly boost subscriptions.


2. Name Your Videos Strategically

One of the most difficult things is to name your video. You have the name in your head, but it may be something complex or too long. My rule is to keep it basic and use the YouTube autocomplete to name the video. There is nothing wrong with your video having the same name or something close to a popular video, as long as it’s relevant.

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In the following video, Brian Deane shares a range of tips on how to get lots of YouTube subscribers fast: