Tap into the world’s largest and most influential online community with Reddit Marketing for Business! 

Reddit is a thriving and highly engaged, community-driven social network with social norms, code of conduct also known as the reddiquette, rules and regulations and a variety of other social forms to function in. It is an intimate platform where people want to discover content that can solve problems and add value to their lives.

The Reddit platform is a world away from Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform on the web. It is completely unique, which is why Snoo – the site’s iconic alien used in its logo – is a truly fitting mascot for the platform. This also means that marketing your business on Reddit requires a completely different approach to any other platform on the web.

Reddit Marketing for Business is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide with valuable tips and advice that will show you how to ethically and strategically market your business on Reddit. You’ll save time and avoid costly mistakes that could potentially ruin your brand’s reputation on the platform.

With the right strategy, Reddit can potentially impact your online business more than any other social network—especially if you’re a small business looking to build trust, increase brand awareness, generate highly qualified leads and sales, or are looking to drive targeted traffic to your website or landing page.

Reddit presents phenomenal opportunities to reach huge, highly targeted audiences and now is the time to give yourself the advantage in the marketplace with Reddit Marketing for Business!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this book:

  1. Configure, customize and navigate Reddit.
  2. Use proven strategies to effectively increase your Reddit karma.
  3. Leverage subreddits to market your business.
  4. Set goals and objectives.
  5. Perform competitor research and competitor analysis.
  6. Develop a customized Reddit marketing strategy.
  7. Create a solid Reddit content marketing strategy that is specifically customized for your business.
  8. Master a diverse range of tactics and strategies that you’ll use to engage your audience and build relationships in your target Reddit communities.
  9. Avoid costly mistakes made by most Reddit advertisers and create successful Reddit advertising campaigns.
  10. Monitor and measure the performance of your Reddit marketing campaign.

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