Thursday , September 20 2018


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How to Create a Powerful and Engaging Twitter Profile

social network

Your profile is pivotal to the success of your brand on Twitter. It is the first place people look at when deciding whether or not to follow you on Twitter. Whenever someone taps on your username or clicks the “Follow Me” on Twitter icon on your website, they are taken …

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How to Use Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Site

business technology

If you want to run a successful Twitter campaign, you’re going to require a sizeable number of followers. The fact of the matter is that Twitter provides a diverse range of opportunities to build your audience faster than any other social network. Due to the fact that Twitter is an …

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How to Use Twitter to Drive Leads to Your Sales Funnel


The digital sales funnel based on the AIDA model. AIDA is a powerful psychological selling system that’s been around for over 120 years. It stands for ATTENTION, INTEREST, DESIRE AND ACTION. Basically, the AIDA model identifies the different stages a consumer goes through from having no knowledge of our business …

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