Thursday , September 20 2018


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SEO Checklist – Infographic

SEO superimposed against a laptop

SEO describes the set of techniques and processes used to improve the visibility of a web page and ultimately a website in a search engine’s organic search results for a given set of keywords. However, while being on the first page of Google is tremendously important to the success of …

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Understanding The Importance of Trust Flow

business illustration

What is Trust Flow? Trust Flow (TF) is a link authority metric developed by Majestic. It is used to evaluate the trustworthiness, authority and credibility of websites and directories that are linking to a particular site. This metric is scored out of 100, and sites with high Trust Flow means …

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Why Social Signals are Important for SEO

social signals

What are Social Signals? Social signals are the search engine’s measure of your “share of voice” in social media. Essentially, they are an estimation of how trusted and influential you on social media. Social signals are measured in terms of how much your material is engaged with (commented on, +1ed, …

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