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How to Perform Competitor Analysis

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Importance of Competitor Analysis Even though it is often overlooked, competitor analysis is one of most important aspects of SEO. Analysing the top-ranking websites in your industry that the search engines find most relevant for your target keywords is a very important step in your SEO and internet marketing campaign. …

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How to Optimize Title Tags for Search Engine Optimization


What is the Title Tag? Over the years, the page title tag has been viewed as the most important on-page SEO ranking factor due to the weighting traditionally accorded to it by the search engines. It is the first element of a webpage that a search crawler looks at when indexing or …

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Crafting the Meta Description Tag

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What is the Meta Description Tag? The Meta description tag is used on the search results page to display snippets of information about a specific webpage. It is significant to note that the content of this tag really has no direct influence on your search engine rankings. This was confirmed …

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