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Keyword Cannibalization


The impact of site architecture on search engine rankings, is quite substantial. In fact, there is a major co-relation between poor site architecture and poor search rankings. In addition to page content, search engines use signals such as the site architecture and information hierarchy of your site to determine how …

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Link Building for SEO

illustration of link building

Importance of Link Building Organic link building is a major factor in Google’s ranking algorithm and the most challenging element of search engine optimization. It is the most powerful and effective way to increase your brand’s visibility on the search engine results page and drive organic traffic to your site. …

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Understanding Link Diversity

seo strategy

What Is Link Diversity? Link diversity refers to the diversity of the sites that are linking to your site. If you want to rank high, it is important to have a diverse variety of sites linking to you. Your link profile is basically the overall makeup of all the links …

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