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External (Outbound) Links

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What are External Links? External links (also known as outbound links) are links from your site to other websites. They are just as important to a high organic search ranking as inbound links. Most website owners are completely focused on backlinks that outbound linking remains largely ignored and generally misunderstood. …

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Categorizing Your Local Business

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The way in which you categorize your local business for local or mobile search is critically important when optimizing your site for Google Maps. This information sends a thematic signal to the search engines about the site’s theme, and is what will be used when your business citations are created on …

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Local Business Citations


What is a Local Business Citation? A local citation is any mention or listing of your business name, address, phone number. Some citations can also include your business opening hours, a description and a link to your site. This combination of information about your business is often referred to as …

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