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Categorizing Your Local Business

local categories

The way in which you categorize your local business for local or mobile search is critically important when optimizing your site for Google Maps. This information sends a thematic signal to the search engines about the site’s theme, and is what will be used when your business citations are created on …

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Local Business Citations


What is a Local Business Citation? A local citation is any mention or listing of your business name, address, phone number. Some citations can also include your business opening hours, a description and a link to your site. This combination of information about your business is often referred to as …

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How to Use HTML Heading Tags

html heading tag illustration

Understanding HTML Heading Tags HTML heading tags are used to define headings and subheadings in HTML. In the early days of SEO, HTML headings featured prominently in Google’s organic search ranking algorithm. Due to incessant abuse however, it was once thought that their impact on search engine optimization had been …

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