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How to Develop a Pinterest Content Strategy


A Pinterest content strategy defines what type of content you share on the platform, when to post it, and how to evaluate its effectiveness. Once you have created your profile, you now need to setup some initial boards in order to give a good visual impression when your prospective customers …

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How to Optimize Pinterest Boards for Business

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Your Pinterest boards are your first impression to other pinners, potential clients and loyal customers. Your boards are your brand’s calling card. They provide the opportunity for you to showcase your brand, products and ideas. Creating boards is a strategic blend of your authentic brand – who you are as …

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Optimizing Pinterest for Organic Search

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As with all social networks, Pinterest is indexed by the major search engines, and is another wayto get found and obtain valuable backlinks to your site. Essentially, if people are saving and sharing your content, then it means people like your content, which is what Google is looking for. Optimizing …

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