As with all social networks, Pinterest is indexed by the major search engines, and is another wayto get found and obtain valuable backlinks to your site. Essentially, if people are saving and sharing your content, then it means people like your content, which is what Google is looking for.

Optimizing Pinterest for SEO simply involves understanding what your audience is searching for and helping them find your exceptional content with keywords and descriptions. It is also about building authority for your business.

In the following article by Wishpond, you’ll discover 15 tips that you can use to optimize your Pinterest account for organic search and effectively drive traffic to your website:

Pinterest SEO: A Guide for Businesses

70% of people on Pinterest use it to get inspiration on what to buy. This compares with only 17% of Facebook users who do the same.

Getting your product on this site provides an amazing opportunity to get your products known, loved, shared, and bought. But you need to get found to get noticed.

The search box is one of the most used features on Pinterest. To make sure your account, Pins and Pinboards are seen (and clicked) you need to optimize them for top keywords. And Pinterest boards are even showing up in search engines like Google. For great social media marketers, like you, that’s an incredible windfall.

Many business owners – large and small – are capitalizing on the opportunity. Are you optimizing your account, board and pins?

In this article, I run through 15 tips for optimizing your Pinterest account, Pins and Pinboards for SEO.

Before we delve any further, the first thing you need to do is to make sure search engines can find you! I really don’t want you to go through all the hard work of these optimization techniques, only to find you’re still not getting found.

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In 2018, significant changes were made to Pinterest SEO. You’ll need to learn more about the changes so that you can effectively optimize your pins for organic search.

In the following incredible in-depth guide by Mary Fernandez, you’ll learn how to optimize your pins for the changes that have occurred with Pinterest SEO in 2018:

Pinterest SEO in 2018: How to Optimize Your Pins for the Changes (Updated)

Is Pinterest on your list of things to do this year?

Well, the first thing you should know about Pinterest is that it isn’t a social media site.

It’s a search engine.

There are over 2 billion monthly searches on Pinterest.

But, why should you care? Surely only DIY, food, and mom bloggers are having any luck on Pinterest?

Actually, Pinterest is a huge driver of website traffic across all industries, responsible for about 5% of all referral traffic.

But traffic isn’t the only consideration for hopping on the Pinterest bandwagon. It’s also good for business.

You see, Pinterest users are ready to buy. While surfing their Pinterest feeds, shopping carts ring up at $58.95 on average. That’s more money than people spend from Facebook or Twitter.

Pinterest also represents a huge opportunity to overcome your competition, as many online businesses are using Pinterest all wrong, or not at all.

Leveraging Pinterest SEO can give you a practically unlimited supply of free traffic to your site. Traffic that is ready to buy. Are you ready to learn how?

Good! Let’s start by introducing you to the state of Pinterest in 2018…

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Now that you know how to optimize your Pinterest account for organic search, you’re ready to start driving targeted traffic to your site. In the following video, you’ll learn about a Pinterest traffic growth hack that is used to drive over 100,000 targeted visitors to a blog, and it is something you can easily implement yourself.