Reddit is the world’s largest and most influential online community. More precisely, it is a unique blend of a content aggregator, social network, search engine and online forum, powered by a thriving and engaged community.

Reddit is also a powerful way to get the word out about your business, product, service or anything else you want to promote. It is known as the front page of the internet, because this is where content becomes viral before other networks discover it.

As the site itself puts it; “This is a place friendly to thought, relationships, arguments, and to those that wish to challenge those genres.”

Reddit categorizes content based on popularity within over 138,000 active, readymade communities. These communities are also known as subreddits, and each subreddit is dedicated to a specific niche or industry with its own unique rules, culture and demographics.

In May 2018, Reddit overtook Facebook as the 2nd most popular social network in America, and according to Alexa, it is the 4th most popular social network in the world.

According to Statista, Reddit had over 1.6 billion unique visitors from February 2018 to July 2018, ranking as the #3 most visited website in U.S. and #6 in the world, according to Alexa Internet, with over 60% of its user base coming from the United States, followed by the United Kingdom at 7.5% and Canada at 6.3%.

According to Pew Research Center, as of February 2018, 53 percent of redditors are men, 42 percent have a college degree, and 35 percent make $75,000 or more per year.

Now, if you’re familiar with Reddit, you’re probably aware that it has a somewhat controversial reputation. And that is because, at one time, the level of moderation on the platform was extremely light. Reddit was one of the truest examples of the unfiltered, uncensored and anonymous web where users could feel completely unrestricted. This led to a number of controversial communities springing up with content and opinions that most people would consider offensive, rude, inappropriate and rude.

However, Reddit has since taken a more serious approach to moderation. In the last few years, the site has clamped down on some very controversial subreddits in a bid to attract more brands and mainstream visitors. Today, Reddit is the most heavily moderated social platform on the web with over 80,000 moderators, and every subreddit is regulated with strict rules and guidelines.

Reddit is a world away from Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform on the web. It is completely unique, which is why Snoo – Reddit’s iconic alien used in its logo – is a truly fitting mascot for the platform. But this also means marketing your business on the platform requires a completely different approach to any other social platform.

Reddit is a thriving and highly engaged, community-driven social network with social norms, code of conduct also known as the reddiquette, rules and regulations and a variety of other social forms to function in.

On Reddit, there is a strong and genuine sense of community where people tend to have candid and in-depth discussions around meaningful content that can add value to their lives.

On average, a Redditor spends over 15 minutes on the site. If you want to be successful on the platform, you need to be genuine and authentic because any type of self-promotion or sneaky marketing tactics is going to be met with open hostility. Redditors are very savvy and they know when they’re being sold to.

Reddit is a very intimate, conversation-driven platform where people want to discover content that can solve problems and add value to their lives. They value authenticity, transparency and sincerity, and prefer to engage in genuine conversations with real people, not marketers who simply want to promote their business and go. If all you just want to do is promote your business, then Reddit is not going to work for you. In fact, it will be a complete and utter waste of time that could really hurt your brand.

Reddit has a readymade community for practically every niche you can think of, and people are in a completely different mindset than when they are on Facebook. Facebook is just not built for the level of intimacy or interaction between businesses and users that you’re going to find on Reddit.

There are, however, certain topics and subjects that generally do extremely well on Reddit.

These include:

  • Inspirational stories of personal achievement.
  • Educational content.
  • Stories with an unusual element (often about history, health, disease or movement)
  • Photography
  • Art
  • Food
  • Fitness
  • Technology (programming, gadgets, development, browsers, computers)
  • Comics
  • Science
  • Video Games
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Memes
  • Music

If your blog or business does not fit into any of the above categories, check to see if there is a subreddit for it. On Reddit, there are subreddits dedicated to every niche and category you can think of.

As a business, one of the most powerful advantages of building your brand on Reddit is that you can cultivate actual loyal customers and brand advocates. Here are examples of how consistent efforts to add value to a subreddit can generate significant results for a business.

Case Study 1

Uniqlo is a fashion brand that drives 20% of daily online revenue from a single Reddit organic post. The company has been active on Reddit since 2012. They are registered in 2 fashion related communities: streetwear and frugalmalefashion.

A search for the company on Reddit shows how Uniqlo is generating results from their engagement strategy. On average, someone mentions Uniqlo in a post about 3 or 4 times/week.

Take a look at the common types of conversations about Uniqlo in the above communities.

To really see the results of these posts, click through on each of them. This level of engagement doesn’t happen on any other social platform. What you’ll find is that Uniqlo generates a lot of targeted traffic that leads to sales from these comments. This is word of mouth advertising at its finest, and demonstrates how a single organic post from other engaged redditors in your target community can drive orders for your business.

Today, Reddit drives more targeted traffic and revenue to Uniqlo than any other social channel. But what is really interesting is that, from the monthly sales driven by social media, Reddit drives 64% of that social media traffic, while Facebook drives 20 percent.

Case Study 2

Small batch cigars is a small online store that established themselves in the cigars subreddit. If you do a search for small batch cigars on Reddit, you will find all types of emotional comments about small batch cigars. As with Uniqlo, these comments tend to drive orders for small batch cigars.

Just check out these comments:

These case studies are excellent examples of what is possible on Reddit for your business on Reddit if you’re willing to invest in the right strategy. Reddit is not about fanciful marketing or gimmicks. In fact, you’ll get the best results with the simplest tactics and strategies.

The success that these companies enjoy on Reddit is a really important case study for any business in any niche that is considering marketing on Reddit. Basically, it demonstrates how the right marketing strategy can lead to solid and significant marketing results for your business on Reddit.