Why Blog? The Advantages of Blogging for Online Marketing


A blog allows you to consistently provide something of value to your visitors, and build trust and familiarity with your brand. Blogging can also function as a key part of your sales funnel to answer questions from prospective customers who might currently be in the awareness stage of the buying funnel.

Consistently publishing quality content that is useful and valuable to that audience will get the attention of people who are inherently interested in what you’re writing about.

If you are in certain industries such as the plumbing or other “boring” niches, you may struggling to understand how content marketing could possibly apply to you. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in. The fundamentals of content marketing apply to any industry.

For example, if you’re an auto mechanic, you can invest in a video how-to guide on how to change the oil in your car. And this guide has to be high quality and in-depth in terms of the information contained in it.

Now, you may think that giving away such information is counter-productive, but it’s not.


Because these people will see all of the intricate steps involved in solving that problem that they would rather leave it to an expert, rather than do it themselves. At the end of the day, the video will answer so many questions, that it would help others understand why you charge so much for the service you provide.

A few readers may even go and change the oil in their cars themselves after watching the video. However, whatever the reason is, there will always be those that just cannot do it themselves, and this often tends to be the majority of people. Why? Because most people just don’t like getting their hands dirty. Perhaps they are afraid they will mess up? Perhaps they just don’t have the time to do it themselves?

This is where it gets good for you: towards the end of the blog post you mention your services. You also provide your readers and viewers a first time customer discount.

Here’s why they would choose you over another service provider:

  • You have demonstrated your expertise established yourself as a leading authority and knowledgeable expert in the field.
  • You walked them through the entire process, step-by-step, and potential customers get a chance to see you doing what you do best. Those images are powerful and will remain in the memory of your visitors.
  • Viewers will be looking for ways to thank you for solving their problem. Its the law of reciprocity. People expect to pay for valuable information which you’ve offered for free.
  • They have begun to trust you. This falls in line with the “expert” thing. You’ve laid out your expertise right in front of them.
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