How to Market Your Business in Facebook Groups

The first step to marketing your business with Facebook groups is to define your goals for using groups.

The best way to use Facebook groups depends on the type of business you are running. The great thing about Facebook groups is that they provide the opportunity for you to network and share content with a specific group of people that would be interested in the content being discussed and published.

With this in mind, Facebook groups can be very effective with networking and helping to increase brand awareness, generate leads and get people engaged in conversations.

Use the following guidelines to use Facebook groups for marketing your business:

  • Start by joining groups that are more likely to contain your ideal audience, are active and contain lots of members. Check the wall and discussion groups to see how active the group is.
  • Once you are approved as a member, start by listening to conversations taking place to get a feel for what members of the group are hungry for.
  • Post valuable content that will clearly benefit members of the group. Use Facebook insights to evaluate the popularity of the content you are posting, making adjustments where necessary. Be sure to experiment with different types of content, but make sure the content you share is open and selfless. Remember your goal is to tactfully build brand awareness by providing value rather than overtly promote your business.
  • Make sure the content you post clearly differentiates your brand from other posts in the group. You can syndicate your blog posts, articles, videos and other content through these groups. You can also use groups to share PDFs, Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.
  • Be an active member. Post photos, statements and videos on a consistent basis.
  • Do not use the group as a platform to actively promote your business or sell your products or services.
  • Be sure to provide helpful information beyond what people can already find on your blog. The last thing you want to do is create a Facebook Group where you do nothing more than republish your blog posts.
  • Look through the group for people that you can build a relationship with, and send a message to any members you’d like to connect with.
  • Stay well away from spamming or pitching your business, product or service. Your main focus should be on building brand awarness and and encouraging other group members to want to learn more about you and your brand.
  • Focus on establishing yourself as an authority and thought-leader in your niche which will generate conversations.
  • Once you find Facebook groups which already attract your target demographic engaging in conversations with the group’s members will help to develop an audience for your Facebook Page. This activity takes time, but it can earn a significant reward. Ensure that you make useful contributions and post original content that members of the group will find valuable.
  • Interact with others.  If someone posts something you like, click the “like” button. When you can, post a comment in the stream below the post. People feel good to know that other people are reading and liking their content.
  • Stay well away from any hard selling. This damages the credibility that you are striving to build with prospects and easily turns them off to the idea to consider your brand or company.
  • Engaging in conversations concerning your brand and finding ways to tie relevant issues without necessarily pushing your product or service is key to developing a rapport and credibility with those in the group.
  • Post to 3 to 6 groups a day, and do not post to the same groups everyday.

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