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A Facebook Offer is a type of Facebook ad, and an excellent opportunity for you to create a special discount or coupon aimed at your target audience. As long as you have over 100 fans or likes, you can create a special coupon or discount exclusively for Facebook users and post it on your page.

If you run a local business, when someone accepts your offer, they’ll receive an email that they can print out and show at your location to redeem the offer.

Facebook Offers are highly effective because they encourage your fans to share your business with their friends after they claim your offer.

If the deal is on your website, the user’s email will contain a link to your site. The great news is, when someone claims your Offer, it shows up in their News Feed. This means that friends of that person can see that their friend just claimed an Offer from you. This is a powerful way to raise awareness for your business.

Facebook Offers do very well for big brands because people love to get free stuff from brands. However, entrepreneurs and small businesses can also leverage Facebook Offers to promote their events, products and services, and effectively raise awareness of their brand. For example if you are hosting a Webinar, you can Facebook Offers to raise awareness of the event.

There are three types of Facebook offers:

  • In Store Only: People who claim the offer can print the offer e-mail or show it on their smartphones to your sales staff.
  • In Store & Online: People can redeem the offer in your store or on your website.
  • Online Only: People can only redeem your offer by clicking a link in the offer e-mail and visiting your website.

If you have a Page for a local business/place with at least 50 likes, you can create an offer from ad creation without a budget and promote it later. To create an offer:

Facebook recommends that you pin the offer to the top of your Page’s timeline display.

You can create your offer in just three or four steps.

1. If you select In Store & Online or Online Only, type the full URL where people can redeem the offer and a redemption code (optional). Click Next

2. Write a headline for your offer. Make your offer compelling and simple to understand. For example, if you are a barber salon for men, you can promote the following offer:

“Buy a haircut before 4 pm today and get a free manicure”

3. Upload a thumbnail image and include a 90-character description. Note that the headline is limited to 90 characters, body text to 900 characters.The image needs to be 90×90 pixels in size and 72 dpi.

4. Limit the number of claims by clicking on claims and selecting your desired limit from the drop-down menu or entering a specfic number.

5. Select an expiration date by clicking today’s date and then clicking a different day in the future.

6. Add any relevant terms and conditions by clicking Terms.

7. For offers being redeemed in your store, you can add a bar code that your staff members can scan. To add a barcode, enter the 12-digit UPC-A or 13-digit EAN code for your offer.

8. Click the preview button to review your offer. You’ll also get a preview of the email that people will get once they have claimed your offer. Facebook will email you a preview. If you’ve added a bar code in your offer, be sure to test the bar code by scanning it with your in-store scanner. When you’re happy with the preview, click “Set Budget”.

9. You can choose to preview your offer. Facebook sends it directly to your email so you you can see what it will look like live and make any required changes.

10. Choose the amount you want to spend to promote your offer. Notice that the estimated reach increases with bigger budgets. The current minimum fee is $5.

11. Click “Share”.

Configure the following specific options for your Facebook offer if applicable.

Offer Tips

Use the following tips to get the best out of Facebook Offers:

  1. Utilize Facebook Offers to offer something really remarkable to your target audience. If your customers get something that is much more than just a good offer, they will happily tell their friends about it.
  2. Create a sense of urgency by including an expiration date for the offer. If people are interested in the offer and are aware that it has an expiration date, this will encourage them to claim the Offer as soon as possible.
  3. Make your offer as simple as possible to ensure everyone knows exactly what they are getting. If you’re offering a discount, use the actual dollar amount rather than percentages, so that your fans know exactly what they are getting.
  4. Don’t promote an offer you cannot keep.
  5. Don’t run too many concurrent offers to avoid confusing your customers.

Promoting Your Offer

One of the most effective ways of promoting your offer is through status updates on your timeline. Offers appear as page posts in people’s News Feed and can be shared with friends. This creates a viral affect because a News Feed story is created that tells people when their friends claim the offer.

Here are some tips on how to get your fans to like your offer:

  • Post the offer a number of times on your Page. Use fantastic images to generate excitement for your product. For example, if you sell pizzas, post an image of a delicious looking pizza with a compelling headline. You can also use an engaging question as the headline. For example, you could say: “Who’s hungry for a free Chicken Feast?”
  • Use your offer to generate conversations. For example, if someone claims your offer, use that as an opportunity to talk about the offer on your timeline. You could say: “Abiye has just claimed the Chicken Feast! Who else loves pizza?”

Using Facebook Ads

You can use highly targeted Facebook ads to effectively promote your offer so that only people who already like what you’re selling will actually see the ad. The criteria you use to create your ad should be based on what you know about your target audience.

You can specify your target audience as follows:

  • Enable Privacy Gating.
  • Click Edit Page.
  • Select Manage Permissions.
  • Check Post Privacy Gating.
  • Click Save Settings.
  • When entering your offer details, click Public and select Location/ Language and enter you preferred countries and languages.

To specify your target audience in detail, click the Target icon and select your preferences.

Redemption and Tracking

When people claim your offer, they will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem the promotion. This email also details your terms and conditions, the expiration date and the offer redemption code or barcode.

You can track the redemption of your coupons by using barcodes or promotional codes. Facebook Offers allow you to use these codes. The great thing about barcodes is that you can still track them when people redeem your Offer, even if you are sending people to a 3rd party supplier to buy your product.

By using these barcodes in your Offers, Facebook will tell you exactly how many Offers were claimed. That way you can track how many were claimed against how many were actually redeemed.

NOTE: There is a cost associated with Facebook Offers. According to Facebook, the actual amount you pay is based on how many people you want to reach.

Points to Bear in Mind

If you are a relatively new or unknown business, it would be a really bad idea to try to use multiple Facebook Offers to build your brand. Facebook Offers are most effective when used to strengthen the relationships you have with your audience.

Equally, do not use Facebook Offers as an opportunity to spam your target audience. It is important to bear in mind that everything you do as a business is branding, and will help create a perception of your brand in the minds of your audience.

If you overuse Facebook Offers or use them cheaply, people will perceive you as desperate, and that will define the perception of your brand on the platform. It would be far more effective to build your brand by sharing compelling content, and once you’ve developed an audience, you can then begin to use Facebook Offers strategically.

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