YouTube Videos: How to Pick the Perfect Tags

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When you are uploading your video, you are required to choose at least one category and enter at least one tag (keyword) to accurately describe and label the content in your video to make videos more searchable. Tagging helps YouTube form the “Related Videos” suggestions. If you tag your videos correctly you may find your videos showing up at the end of other popular videos in your niche.

You’ll want to tag what your video is about in the first sentence. So, if your topic is passive income, your first tag should be passive income. You are allowed to use up to 120 characters in your tags, which means you can create approximately 20 tags for each video that you upload.

Create as many tags as is required to thoroughly and accurately describe the content of your video, using the keywords you found as a result your kеуwоrd rеѕеаrсh. The more tags, the better. Inсludе LSI keywords, and ѕіngulаr аnd рlurаl fоrmѕ оf thеѕе tаgѕ. For example a video on the game of soccer may be tagged with the words: “soccer”, “footie” and “football” as the meanings are used pretty much interchangeably.

The tags don’t have to be in order, because YouTube doesn’t really prioritize which tags you put first. They don’t put importance on which tags you put first or last. Simply put any tags that are relevant to your video in any way, shape or form.

It is significant to note however, that YouTube tags are currently based on single keywords rather than phrases. This means that video tags can be quite less specific than keywords, and this lack of linguistic clarifications can cause inaccurate or inappropriate connections between seemingly unrelated words. For example, the tag “orange” might refer to the fruit or the color. This is why it is important to include LSI keywords to increase relevance.

The main difference between keywords and video tags is that keywords should be more than one word long. An effective keyword consists of multiple words to form a single phrase that’s relevant to your video. Using multiple words helps you be a little more specific.

If you cannot add any more tags, you can start tagging relevant channels. For instance if you’re in the internet marketing niche, you can start tagging the big names in online marketing like Brian Dean, Neil Patel and Matt Woodward. What you’ll find is that your videos could begin to show as a “next up” video on their channels.

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