What is Reddit Karma, and Why Build it?

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What is Karma?

Karma is a reflection of your reputation and goodwill based on the volume and popularity of the content you’ve been submitting to Reddit over time. It shows how well the Reddit community has received your posts and comments. In essence, karma is social proof and a validation of the content you’ve been sharing with your target community.

On Reddit, karma is king. Every registered user is able to vote on submitted content, and your overall score refers to the points you’ve accumulated for likes of your content. Likes and dislikes are specifically known as upvotes and downvotes. The more upvotes you receive, the higher your karma score is going to be.

Karma is broken down into two categories: link karma and comment karma.

If you have a reasonably high karma score, then you’re likely to be recognized as part of the community, and your submitted links will appear higher when they’re first submitted. But what is so great about karma is that when you have a high score, the Reddit algorithm is going to reward you with a much wider audience than someone with a low score because your content is seen as popular with redditors and should be seen by more people.

On the other hand, when too many people downvote your content, this will negatively impact your score because the number of downvotes actually results in negative karma, which decreases your overall karma score.

How Karma Works

Reddit uses a secret algorithm that determines how much karma you get when people upvote your content. A lot of people speculate about how it is calculated, but it’s not as simple as just getting a point every single time you get an upvote of your content.

A lot of people regard karma as just a popularity contest. That may be true. However, if you want to strategically market your business on Reddit, you need to build up your karma because a strong karma score will boost your credibility and increase engagement with your content in your target community.

On the other hand, if you don’t have much karma, you’ll be seen as an outsider, and redditors won’t pay that much attention to you because you won’t be recognized as part of the community.

Checking Karma Scores

Checking anyone’s karma score is straightforward, and you can get a snapshot of anyone’s profile by simply hovering on that person’s username.

That will reveal how long the user has been a member of Reddit, their comment karma, link karma and overall score. This is why it is important to keep your history clean of content that is viewed as low quality on Reddit, because as you start to post content on a more regular basis, redditors will dig through your entire history to check out what you’ve been posting.

Before you begin to post anything about your business, its important to ensure that you have at least a few hundred karma points.

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