How Social Bookmarking Mistakes Can Lead to Google Penalties

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Social bookmarking is a perfectly legal and viable SEO tactic, but social bookmarking mistakes can put your website at risk of the Panda penalty.

Now, you’re not going to get insanely powerful backlinks from social bookmarking, but consistent bookmarking of your site is a powerful social signal that Google and other major search engines cannot ignore. This indicates that your site is popular, which in itself is a strong ranking signal.

What is Social Bookmarking?

For the purposes of SEO, social bookmarking is the process of bookmarking a web page on a social bookmarking site in order to create a social signal. These bookmarks are typically public so they can be viewed by other users of the site where they are stored.

Search engines index social bookmarking sites often, so bookmarking your latest blogpost can help to get it indexed fast. In addition, social bookmarks can drive targeted traffic to your site if they are discovered by your target audience.

But one of the most powerful advantages of social bookmarking is that it can help to increase the diversity of your anchor text and generate social signals in the process. Generally, if you have an overabundance of exact match anchor text in your backlink profile, your site will be penalized by the Penguin algorithm. But when done right, social bookmarking can be an effective way to increase the diversity of your anchor text.

The problem with buying social bookmarking services is that the freelancer offering to do 100 or even 30 social bookmarks for $5 is not going to create unique titles and descriptions for you. They’re simply going to use the same title and description you’ve provided to create all the bookmarks. Creating so many social bookmarks with the same title and description will create duplicate content and put you at risk of a Panda penalty. If you’re using exact match anchor text in the title, you’re also at risk of a Penguin penalty if the title is clickable.

With the nature of social bookmarking, each bookmark should have a unique title and description because it is just not natural that different people would bookmark the same site on several social bookmarking sites with the exact text and description. When you buy these gigs, it is going to be clearly obvious that you’re trying to game the search engines by manufacturing the popularity of your website.

The right way to implement social bookmarking for SEO purposes is to create multiple readable versions of the title and descriptions so that each bookmark that is created on your behalf will have a unique title and description. If you’re going to buy 100 social bookmarks, you need to provide 100 unique titles and descriptions or not buy the gig at all. Spun content is fine, as long as it is readable.

Furthermore, unless you’re a big authority site, getting 100 bookmarks within a day or two is clear proof of manufactured popularity, especially if you don’t normally get a lot of traffic to your site.

For social bookmarking signals to work, you’ll have to spread them out over time because it won’t look natural that you only ever got 100 bookmarks in the space of one week and then never again. You’ll have to drip feed those social signals so that they look natural.

Using Automated Bookmarking Tools

If you’re going to use social bookmarking for SEO, the best way to use it on your website is as part of a social signal package using a powerful, fully automated tool such as socialadr.

With socialadr, you’ll be getting a diverse variety of social signals to your site on a consistent basis, including likes, repins and tweets. However, if you’ll be using this tool to automate your social signals, it is critically important to use the spin rewriter tool for nested, spun titles and descriptions. If you do not do this, you’ll be creating huge amounts of duplicate content on autopilot.

The best tool to use to create the spun text is the Spintax app. If you are using the same title and description to generate those automated social signals, then you are putting your site at risk of penalty.

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