How to Create a Compelling Landing Page

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a specialized and focused page on your website created specifically for the purpose of receiving inbound traffic and converting your visitors into leads. Rather than sending people who are clicking through from links in your advertisements to your homepage, it would be more effective for your business to create a landing page for them. Sending people to your homepage will result in a lower conversion rate due to the unfocused and generic messaging they get. People want instant gratification and making them do any kind of work will only defeat the objective of generating leads in the first place. You’ll want to make sure your landing page not only puts your best foot forward, but also encourages visitors to explore the rest of your site.

Why a Landing Page Is Essential

A landing page is an essential component of your online marketing campaign because it prompts targeted users to provide their personal data in exchange for information. It is an effective way to collect personal details from your ideal prospects so that you can build relationships with them. You need to have a system in place on your website to capture the contact details of your targeted visitors and convert your visitors into leads, and ultimately customers. Successfully collecting the email address of your prospects allows you to continue the conversation you’re having with them by developing a relationship by email so that you can nurture those leads into paid clients.

What you should have on your landing page:

If you have offered an asset to encourage people to click through to your site, that asset should be prominently displayed on your landing page. The page may also include the following:
  • Profile image. If you’ve used a logo on your ad or social media profile, the color scheme and image on your landing page should be the same. Maintaining a consistent branding image across your online profile helps with brand awareness and brand recall.
  • Welcoming message. Welcome messages may not be appropriate for your homepage. However, your landing page is different. If you are driving traffic to your site from any of your social media profiles, you can adopt a lighter tone that acknowledges the fact that they have clicked through from social.
  • An opt-in form: An opt-in form that allows people to sign up for further correspondence from you. The content you are giving away has a specific goal. That goal is to build a relationship with your prospects through your Twitter account and email marketing. But you should only be collecting first names and email addresses at this point.
  • Your Offer:  Your offer is one of the most important aspects of the lead generation process. It should be relevant and compelling, and make an emotional connection with your target audience. The more value the offer provides, the more leads you are likely to generate. The best offer is one that solves a specific, well-known problem for your prospect. For example, if you are collecting leads for a financial advisor, you could offer a spreadsheet that is also an interactive financial calculator. It is important to give away something that is inherently valuable and is not freely available somewhere on the web. It has to be compelling enough to attract make the prospect take action.
Landing pages are generally designed to focus the visitor’s attention and effectively guide your users toward their goals with as few negative barriers as possible. Visitors that land on your page will only spend a few seconds looking at your page before deciding to provide the information you have asked for or to click the “Back button”. A poorly designed landing page is a bottleneck that could cause the prospect to leave your site within seconds of arriving (known in SEO as a bounce). Keep these best practices in mind when you’re designing your landing page:
  1. Your CTA should be clear unambiguous, and relevant to your target audience. For example, if you are offering a store discount in exchange for an email, make your CTA reflect this. Use phrases that are likely to draw in your prospects, such as “25% off this month” or “Special discounts for our Facebook fans”
  2. Choose an image that gives impact to your product. If you are giving away a free eBook, you may choose to include the cover of the book on your header image.
  3. Choose colours that stand out. If your Twitter background colour is, blue, make your CTA image orange and white.

How Landing Pages Work:

A landing page typically doesn’t have any navigation bar or distractions that could get in the way of achieving the main goal of the page, which is to collect the visitor’s contact details. They have a very simple design with an encapsulated form that is featured as the main focus of the page. Because of the way they are designed, landing pages allow you to deliver the right message to the right visitor and give them a clear and focused call-to-action that will reduce your bounce rate and drive conversions. And that is why a landing page is one of the most important elements of your online marketing campaign because it plays such a key role in converting targeted visitors into qualified leads for your business. Here a few reasons why landing pages are so important to your online marketing campaign.
  1. Landing pages are 100% focused on conversions. Every element of a landing page is specifically designed to convert visitors from visitors into leads, nothing else.
  2. Landing pages capture visitor contact data through a web form. Whether it is an exchange for an eBook or other digital asset, a landing page is where that initial data is captured.
  3. Landing pages provide better analytics. Because it’s a single page, you can easily evaluate your bounce rate, time on page and conversion rate. This will give you the insights you need to analyse the performance of each landing page so you can easily determine how effective it is compared to other landing pages.
  4. Landing pages increase conversions. Present your visitors with the ideal solution to their problem and direct them to submit their contact details so that you can further cater to their needs. This means you’ll have more qualified and valuable leads. The design of your landing page is critically important because you have 0 – 3 seconds to confirm to your visitors that they are in the right place once they click through from your tweet. A well-designed page can have a direct impact on how many conversions you receive.

12 components of a compelling landing page.

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